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Buhari Leads In Preliminary Vote Count, Defeats Jonathan At Aso Rock Polling Units.

Results from polling units 021 and 022, located in Aso Rock, revealed that Mr. Buhari’s APC polled 265 and 348 respectively in the presidential election. Mr. Jonathan, who ran for reelection on the ticket of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), received 293 and 302 respectively in the two polling units.
In the senatorial election, the APC scored 260 votes in polling unit 021 and 337 in unit 022 337 to beat the incumbent president’s party which received 286 and 281 in the respective polling units. The results for the House of Representatives showed that the APC also defeated the PDP in Aso Rock, garnering 255 and 334 in the two respective polling units, with the PDP receiving 254 and 241.
Mr. Buhari’s defeat of President Jonathan in Aso Rock is seen as significant, since most of the voters in the two polling units are either staff of the Presidency or their families who reside near the president.
More results of yesterday’s elections will be officially released today, but preliminary figures indicate that Mr. Buhari has what one source at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) described as “a comfortable lead.”
Voting will be concluded today in some polling units in a few states where disruptions or the late arrival of electoral materials led to postponement of elections yesterday. #‎Nigeriadecides #‎Nigeria2015