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Hon. Somiari J. Ogolo is a lawyer, He is married and has two lovely boys, He is God fearing simple and down to earth. He held various appointive and elective positions at various levels.
Served as councillor representing
ward 3, and Whip, Opobo / Nkoro legislative council between 2011-14.
As a councillor, he sponsored 2 amendments bills and co-sponsored one with 3 other of his colleagues.
As a representative of the people embarked on various individual support projects to ameliorate the plight of his constituents and even beyond.
Top among them includes;
1. Provision of potable water scheme

2. Concrete walk way from Peterside to Ubani-Ogolo access.

3. Painting of Main Ogolo gateway and Kala deki.

4. Renovation of Ogolo pier latrine

5. Peterside Concrete electric poles and street lighting.

6. Concrete slabs for the closure of some drainages around peterside.

Some Others are;
Payment of tuition fees for numerous ward members, small scale businesses fund supports, other forms of stomach infrastructures, etc.
Was a member of the protocol committee, Greatertogether campaign organisation, supporting the organization selflessly.It is instructive to note that somiari has touched the lives of uncountable number within and outside his ward.
As a member of ward 3, I have no doubt whatsoever that should he be re-elected and elevated. As a ranking member of the legislature, he will bring his wealth of experience to bear and provide quality and purposeful leadership both at the ward and parliament. He is a true patriot as he thinks of others before himself, he is kind, humble, intelligent, calculative, open minded and a natural leader.
He is currently contesting for the position of councilor in ward 3 OPOBO/NKORO LGA, under the platform of the All progressives Congress (APC).