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Okorocha’s boasting based on achievements, Imo tells PDP

The Imo State Government has told the Peoples Democratic Party members in the state not to describe Governor Rochas Okorocha’s statement that the All Progressives Congress will govern the state for 24 years while equally waxing stronger in the South-East as boastful.
The state government noted that the PDP had made a more boastful claim while they were in power at the centre.
Okorocha recently claimed that the APC would not only
become stronger in the South-East, where it didn’t do well in the last general elections but would govern Imo State for 24 years, as against the former PDP National Chairman, Chief Vincent Ogbulafor’s claim that the PDP would rule Nigeria for 60 years.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, said there was a difference between Okoroacha’s statement and Ogbulafor’s boast.
It explained that while Okorocha’s claim was anchored on the “enviable record” of the APC government, Ogbulafor’s statement was premised on the high level of alleged manipulation during elections.
Onwuemeodo’s statement read, “That of Ogbulafor was only anchored on ‘Federal Might’ they had always leveraged on to indulge in high degree of impunity during elections, while that of Okorocha was anchored on enviable record of achievements by his administration.
“For instance, during the campaigns for the 2015 election, the governor and his party, the APC, challenged the PDP to itemise the party’s achievements in the state for the 12 years it governed the state for the people of Imo and other interested Nigerians to read or see, but it could not do that because it had no valid claim to make to that effect.
“Hence, they resorted to what they normally call propaganda; and Imo people showed them class and let them know that they were not fools by voting massively against them at the polls. They would say ‘Okorocha has borrowed N100bn’. We challenged them to produce the proof, they wouldn’t talk again. They went online to tell lies; we challenged them, they kept quiet.
“But on the part of Governor Okorocha and his party, the APC, they would say the APC government had introduced free education that is working effectively at all levels against their prediction that it would not work. Today, most of the street hawkers had all gone back to school on the basis of the free education. When they saw that the policy had begun to work well, they said it was not qualitative. And Imo people asked them ‘which one did you people give us for the 12 years you held sway’.
“Governor Okorocha also brandished the 27 general hospitals with one in each LGA and they have almost been completed; the 305 upstairs schools in each of the electoral wards; the network of both urban and rural roads; massive infrastructural development and more than 1,000 verifiable projects littering the state; to the extent that up till now, nobody has disproved any of the claims on Governor Okorocha’s landmark projects in the state.
“That is the reason they have continued to talk about the government borrowing billions of naira without any proof, because what they could not do in 12 years, Okorocha did in four years.”
The government added, “So, the governors’ claim that his party, the APC, would govern the state for 24 years was not based on nothing or made in the vacuum like that of Chief Ogbulafor. The governor’s claim was based on what his administration had achieved in his first four years, and what he has also set out to achieve in his second term.
“All that put together, will submerge all other parties even beyond 24 years. Facts and figures do not lie.”