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The $757 million story: Not True & Fabricated

The former Governor of Rivers State and the story of $757million dollars! The Social media and media alike has been set ablaze in recent days with the news of the former governor of Rivers State demanding a refund or return of the fund. The mind blowing sum of $757 million dollars (80billion naira) is said to have been looted from the state during his 8 years tenure as governor of the state.
The former governor is alleged to have an account with Bancorp Bank in the United States where the money is said to be held. It is also reported that Amanpour of CNN had also carried the news on her live report programme, although the said report does not appear on CNN website, however this seems to have given credence to the story.

A letter is alleged to have been written by the former governor to the Bancorp Bank stating that the money had been paid into his account with the intention of purchasing helicopter for the state and also for building his official residence; however the purchase has been made through other sources thus the money should be returned to Nigeria.
Mr Amaechi is a very high profile member of the APC and played a major role in the emergence of the new government which may have upset many leading Nigerians. The fight against corruption has been a daily feed since the assumption of the power by the APC. The former governor is expected to be appointed as a member of the new cabinet when the composition is made, due to his contribution to the party.
According to our reliable and authoritative sources these allegations springing up are from those who do not want him to be in the cabinet. “It is a total fabrication”
It will also interest you to know that this allegation was brought up by the head of media and publicity to the Rivers state PDP (pastor Jerry Needam). In which some people on social media has also mocked and condemn his publication, Stating that it is baseless and misleading to the general public thereby calling him "the Jerry Amanpour Needam of CNN, Port Harcourt branch".