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Rivers state is the archetypal state where things happen: the good, the bad and the ugly. Recently, the political upheaval in the state has kept it in the news - all for the wrong reasons. Those who thought that with the emergence of one political party which appears to be in temporal control of state government apparatus, things would stabilize were rather hasty in their judgment if the palpitating stories emanating from the Rivers State House of Assembly is anything to go by.

You need to understand what is happening to know the intrigues of political intricacies about to play out in Rivers State, it bears the trademarks of Machiavellian brutality and it promises to be one tumultuous, breath- taking political conflagration. Recently, Chief Nyesom Wike, has become increasingly suspicious of Prince Uche Secondus, National Acting Chairman of the PDP who has been dreaming big for his Andoni tribe and surreptitiously placing his puzzles in the political labyrinth with expert masterstrokes to achieve that dream.

If you are still struggling to fathom the magnitude of Secondus dream, fret no more: the Acting National Chairman of the PDP seeks to erect a new order out of the burble of Wike's fledgling political flatulence. That grand design, cleverly and opportunistically woven, is the root cause of the coming political tornado in Rivers State, and if nothing is done to arrest the situation, it is set to unravel in a catastrophic dimension from which Rivers PDP cannot recover. Prince Uche Secondus, a clever political mathematician, is already savouring the prospect of his godson emerging acting Governor of Rivers State, a possibility that will make him control the levers of power for at least three months, and make history as the first time a minority Andoni will become the number one citizen of Rivers State. If you are wondering how, read the next paragraph.

Rt. Hon Ibani Awaji is the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly. He is an Obolo man from Andoni. He is political godson of Uche Secondus who is in absolute control of the speaker's political pulse. He directs him. He determines what he does and how he acts. Uche Secondus is to the speaker what a remote control in an expert hand is to a television. Bearing in mind the incredible nature of the Rivers guber election, it was the intentional design of Uche Secondus to be in charge of the Rivers legislature through his lackey and Wike fell for the trap by imposing Ibani as Speaker. In a few months, secondus’s motive for that position would become clear. But Nyesom Wike is nobody's fool. He too, is a clever political juggernaut. Even though he couldn't understand Uche's predilection and obsession to the speakership when power slates were being drawn in the state after his purported victory in the governorship poll, he has come to appreciate the stark political reality confronting him, the dangerous minefield of an Ibani led Assembly in a state “combustively” angry at the fraudulent emergence of another Ikwerre man as Governor, and how he may be at the mercy of Uche Secondus in a few months.

If you are still unsure where the political puzzle game is heading, then know this. Faith in Wike's ability to weather the legal storm against his election unscathed has weakened and is evaporating very fast as the Rivers guber election tribunal enters the home stretch. Wike himself knows what is to come, and so it is that he has started engineering pragmatic political moves aimed at watering the ground for re-election. In doing that, Wike wants his own man, a trusted Ikwerre ally as Speaker, not anybody else’s man, not Secondus' man. Constitutionally, the Speaker of the Assembly is expected to take over as Governor and be in charge in the period leading to the re-run and during the re-run itself, once Wike’s election is nullified.

This appears to be the tomorrow which Uche Secondus has foreseen, not only for his own benefit, but for that of his Speaker godson and his Andoni people. In furtherance of this agenda, and to the utter dismay and disappointment of Wike, Uche Secondus reportedly made overtures to Dr Dressman, candidate of the APC for Rivers State House of Assembly in the Andoni Constituency to withdraw his petition from the tribunal against the speaker, Rt Hon Owaji Ibani in the bigger interest of Andoni people and to keep their dream of producing the acting governor alive. Dr Dressman refused the offer made to him to drop his case and is presently in the tribunal challenging the victory of the speaker in the Governorship and House of Assembly election. Unsure of the kind of meal Uche Secondus-controlled Rt Hon Ibani would cook for him in the possibility of emerging Acting Governor of Rivers State and how that would affect the possible rerun, Chief Wike is currently moving against the Speaker with a view to getting him impeached and installing his own man as Speaker. To the shock of Wike, Uche Secondus in a bold counter- move has reportedly told his close allies that if Chief Wike continues with his belligerence against his "boy", he is willing to sink the boat and as a proactive measure, has detailed the speaker to galvanize his loyalists in the house for an impeachment showdown against the Governor. It is a move that will clearly take toll on governance in the state as the common good will be abandoned in the execution of political survival strategies with all the resources sure to be pumped into that effort to the detriment of the people of Rivers State.

The Governor is planning to get the speaker impeached and get his own man installed in the role. As a counter strategy, the speaker, backed with the resources and contact of his godfather is fighting back, galvanizing support of his colleagues to get the Governor impeached instead. Uche Secondus has already armed the Speaker with seemingly justifiable reasons to go after the jugular of the Governor. Since Chief Wike started the the Operation Zero Potholes in Port Harcourt, he has been unable to tell Rivers people how much that is costing the tax payers. That business has been conducted in secrecy and the Governor has rebuffed all overtures to make him tell the people how much he has pumped into the exercise. Chief Nyesom has already obtained loan facilities totalling a whooping thirty billion naira since he took over from Amaechi on 29th May, 2015, making Rivers State the only state that has borrowed that much in internal loans. Bulletine, and many other failed construction companies that were vestiges of former Governor Odili's pillage and malfeasance have already been resurrected by Nyesom Wike, creating reasonable suspicion that the Governor is using these companies to siphon the state's resources for re-election purposes.

There is no road that Bulletine constructed during the Odili years that didn't fail few months after. Talk about the Airforce-Eliozu overhead Bridges. Talk about the Salughter Bridge and the Slaughter Road. All the roads and bridges that the company built failed and were repaired/rehabilitated by Amaechi. That company is back and Uche Secondus has armed the speaker with all the anomalies going on that the impeachment notice should contain. In addition to these malfeasance, it is not news that local Government funds have been tampered with by Wike, this is part of the reasons he procured judgements to remove the elected councils hand-in-glove. These records abound with documents reportedly made available to Ibani through Secondus by insidious government officials, civil servants and disgruntled Wike insiders. It remains to be seen who will come top in what promises to be a fight of Titans. Yet again, Rivers State is set to be in the news for another rattling impeachment saga, and if the brewing brouhaha is not nipped in the bud, Rivers people would be in for another unfortunate political crisis.

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