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Nigeria lifts embargo on 113 crude oil vessels

Nigeria's state run oil giant on Thursday said it has lifted embargo placed on 113 vessels from loading crude and gas in any of its terminals within the country's territorial waters.
Spokesperson for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Ohi Alegbe said in a statement made available to Xinhua the lifting of the embargo was subject to the receipt of "Letters of Comfort" from all terminal operators, oil companies and off-takers in Nigerian oil and gas sector.
He added that the lifting was subject to the outcome of detailed investigation into the reasons why they were embargoed.
Alegbe said in view of the above, the Nigerian government has approved the establishment of an Inter-Agency Committee to investigate the vessels.
He added that the Inter-Agency Committee will appraise the culpability or otherwise of each of the vessels in the time past and advise appropriately.
The vessels were banned recently after they were found to have engage in alleged shady deal in the lifting of crude within the terminals.