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The general hospital in Abua,capital of abua/odual local government area of rivers state, has been closed for over 3weeks, this is because of the growing security threat in the area.
There are indications that militants have
resorted to kidnapping and intimidating resident doctors, which have made the doctors to flee.
the crime has also extended to the teachers and students of both primary and secondary school in the area, kidnapping and extortion is now the order of the day. the incessant cult wars and violence have created fear among residence leading to mass migration.
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CRYSTAL NEWS gathered that just about a week ago a trader who deals on cement was kidnapped and is yet to be released.
crystal news also insisted that security is essential to growth and therefore must be taken seriously by all.
“security is critical to development, therefore kidnapping and all forms of threat to society’s peaceful existence must be tackled head-on.
“For that reason, those in authority, particularly security agencies must redouble their efforts towards tackling crime and its perpetrators. This prevailing climate of fear in abua/odual.

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