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Tribunal Nullifies Rivers States Election: see full judgement.

Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal has nullified Governor Nyesom Wike’s election on the grounds that his election did not comply substantially with electoral guidelines.
INEC has ordered Justice Suleiman Ambrosa to conduct fresh elections within 90 days.
In the judgement delivered by the judge.
1. On locus standing we had given ruling on that based on the order of the appeal court.
On which we upheld the eligibility of the petitioner.
And that's final.
And all based on this we discountenance this part of the address by the 2nd respondent.

2. Based on the time frame of the Election Petition Tribunals. 
Another chairman can be re assigned to take up from the chairman.
This power is solely the right of the court of Appeal president to exercise.
And on which she did.
3. Exhibits A1 to A3 tendered by INEC set aside as not duly certified as a Public document.
And all based on this we discountenance this part of the address by the 2nd respondent.

4. Issue of proving violence in an Election as to mar an election, under consideration.

Issue of election not conducted in tandem with the Electoral Act also in consideration.

Large scale frauds and irregularities also in consideration.

Non use of card readers and general malpractices, and all kinds of impunity also in issue.
In our view there is prove of high irregularities.

The evidences of the petitioners and their exhibits have not been disproved by the respondents in any way.

It is inconceivable that Inec could not certify documents totally in its custody.
The commission did not in any way reverse the use of card reader in the April 11 Elections.
It is therefore not open to any body to act outside this guidelines, ass this will be contrary to section 57 of the Electoral Act, as amended.
If card reader fails , election should be postponed to the next day. Inec witnesses corroborated this through the evidence adduced here. Voters register must be supported by card reader for accreditation to be complete. It's complimentary.
As such the 1st respondent was emphatic on the said card reader usuage.
The use of card reader was introduced this 2015,and was emphatically said to be used only and the letter was written for (emphasis)
I therefore say without the use of card reader makes the election a nullity.
The DW 1 testimony was not credible.
Because he contradicted itself.
DW 2 also did same. And further compounded her issue by saying she couldn't see or read from the form EC8A.
Many of the Respondents' witnesses could no longer read when referred to read documents they made reference to in their statements. Thereby contradicting there earlier submissions.
The court is not satisfied by their conducts.