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Port Harcourt is regressing with vehement force and stability.
We did not just happen. We are to be blamed, if we eventually grind to a halt.
The signs that we will are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.
We are like
Hamlet without a king; a harrowing situation that must be checked, quickly.

The future isn't looking bright unless
we make
hay while Sun shines.
Making irrelevant the dependency on the benefit of oil will be a judgement of exceptional seriousness, delicacy and responsibility.
The dependence on oil, poor and acceptable government  policies and the nonchalant attitude of the people have succeeded in sabotaging the green garden city.  We have weakly surrendered to live in squalor and disease.

But with the oil jobs moving to Lagos and with the burden passed on to Nigerians as well as  the capital expenditure performance being under threat by lower oil prices as government strives to keep its deficit within the limits of the fiscal responsibility act whilst ensuring it meets its day-to day obligations...have you ever wondered what this means to port Harcourt?
A Port Harcourt that is not commercially driven but significantly reliant on Government spokes to make a wheel.

Can the real estate, which seems to be the only alternative be able to hold it together for a City tainted with eccentric ego and vainglory?
And I seriously doubt if real estate market will have a chance considering the circumstances.
I daresay that there isn't many out there with the kind of buoyancy enough to keep them in bungalows and luxury apartments above the one million mark.
Without calling in the political instability and insecurities bedevilling the city - we already have a fragile situation.

As I write this, I hope my criticism is not submerged by my affiliation...
Because I do not intend to wear this on my sleeves alone, I will live it. I want to see my darling city on her feet again

Rivers State TRULY has finally debased, albeit stolidly by the docile attitude of those that should have risen to speak up from jump-street"
But it isn't late for the government to conduct it's affairs in a manner that will attract investors in the non oil sectors, by increasing government involvement in a wide variety of areas, ranging from education and energy development to infrastructure repair and health care reform.
The fact that we lag behind our neighbors in so many policy areas demonstrates unequivocally that our government could accomplish even more than it has done already. There is a real possibility that increased government efforts could do much more to improve our lives in significant ways. The greater success of Lagos  government in addressing serious economic and social problems shows that it can be done and that we could be following their lead.

The other area is human behavior and service to our fatherland. Residents must understand that the developmental activities performed by the government is for them. It means they must nurture and protect it. The citizens must be dignified by the state which make them accountable - responsible. After being accountable and responsible if the citizens participate, they will be empowered. The empowered residents ' participations can contribute to the process by building and investing in the port Harcourt lifestyle.
Defecting to Lagos and Abuja so that you can be counted isn't in the best interest of this city.
That Lagos is a result of another man's sweat.

This Clarion call i think is not only for the 'old or real Port Harcourt boys and girls', but for all who mean well for our dear State.
We must come home to restore this city we have always been proud of...
We must rebuild this city. We must not let it slide into a laughing stock and paradox.
Allowing this city to fall has to be restored as an unnecessary evil.