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IN HONOR OF OUR FALLEN COMRADES ~ By Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi

I write to express my sincere condolence to the families of victims of brutal political assassination in Rivers state.
Like millions across the Nation, I have been sickened and saddened by the barbarous killings that characterized the course of the 2015 general elections especially, in my state, Rivers.

Our consolation is that those who died defended libertarian political values which they bravely championed, who fought the dark forces of impunity, political, ethnic and religious fundamentalism that sought to impose its views on others are been honored and remembered by men of good conscience.

I have also been moved by the dignity and stoicism the progressives are showing in the face of such appalling atrocities, shoulder to shoulder we will stand in honor of this great comrades whose lives were cut short in defense of democracy.
 However, as we come together on Monday the 30th of November, from all faiths and stand united in times like these, we hold hands as one strong foundation that can not be destroyed.Our call is for justice to be served on the perpetrators, the victims and the society.
We know we shall win, the pen will always be mightier than the sword,the forces of evil cannot perpetually triumph over the strong resolve of good men and women.

-- Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi.
-- A writer, Blogger and public affairs analyst.