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Nigeria Police Force Set To Establish A Complaint Response Unit

Crystal news noted while he
was briefing
journalists at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, CSP Abayomi Shogunle, Officer in charge of (CRU) said the initiative is “community- oriented complaint management system” and is aimed at winning public trust and confidence as police forces all over the world are becoming more open to the citizens and the public.
He also noted that the Unit is designed to provide a veritable platform for the public, to report rising cases of professional misconduct by police officers, such as torture, extortion, and taking undue advantage of the public.

CSP Shogunle added that the unit will be operational in all the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with the central control Room situated in Abuja Nigeria.
“What the police leadership has done by establishing this unit, is to send a signal that…the era of impunity is over, and that professional misconducts by police officers will no longer be tolerated, and they are not supported by the management of the Nigeria Police Force.” Shogunle said

“It is also to show that necessary actions are being taken by the force to ensure that the gap that existed between the police and the citizens, are closed up.”

CSP Abayomi Shogunle also disclosed that the unit would be composed of detectives from all over the federation; Investigators, Provost departments, while every police station will have an officer from CRU attached to it to treat injustices meted out to Nigerians by the police and report back to force headquarters within 24 hours.

CSP Abayomi Shongunle who is the Officer in-charge, Further explained that, the establishment of the unit was part of the Inspector General of Police’s strategic policing plan to use cutting edge technology such as smartphones and internet.

Measures to protect the identity of the complainant, detecting false information and ensure that complainants get justice.
He stressed that every report will be verified, investigated and feedback to the appropriate quarters. He assured that the posters and flyers will be in all police stations and would be in all three major Nigerian languages and pidgin English.