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RIVERS BLACK MONDAY: We Say No to Murder and Impunity ~By Esema Aguse

For collaboration and progress to happen, for humans to advance and maximize their potentials, for the sane society to exist, Justice is paramount.

This is a reason the Nigerian legend, Wole Soyinka, in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, described Justice as the first condition of man.

They are beasts who dismiss or trifle this virtue. Therefore, in exercising our humanity and as a part of our responsibility to the society, we the APC family will march for JUSTICE on the streets of Port Harcourt Monday 30 November morning to bring to the fore once again the gruesomeness to which clean-living people of the state were subjected in the last election, the continuing agony families and friends of the killed go through every minute of the last six months, and the immediate need for justice to be served in the serial murders of  94 persons and other iniquities which accompanied the electoral process which saw Wike announced winner.

By this statement, APC is demanding to know why six months after those maiming and massacres of security personnel and whole families, the governor, who has the responsibility by law to initiate the process of delivering justice, appears most unwilling to meet this statutory demand of his office.

Rivers Black Monday march would underscore the underlying treat and dangers in such barefaced apparent impunity and call attention to men and women of goodwill in the rest Nigeria and wider world to the curious indecisiveness and dilatoriness of the state governor, Chief Honourable Barrister Nyesom Wike, alias High Tension, who swore before God and man, his hand on the Book of Covenant, the Holy Bible, ‘…to do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will…’ but who apparently is reneging on the oath to the traumatized families and society, victims and witnesses to electoral terrorism.

Our message is clear: Murderers and accomplices must face JUSTICE in the court for the society can no longer be of humans which condones murders.

Our Message is eloquent: Whether Justice is taken to the perpetrators or the perpetrators  are brought to Justice, we will not keep silent until Justice is served.

... For in every turn we take, in every face we see in the morning, at noon and at night across the length and breadth of Rivers State, the question of JUSTICE, like the blood of Abel, demands urgent answers.

We are putting Wike on notice that we will stay awake and continue our demand for JUSTICE for our fallen fellow Rivers men, women and children until our humane sense of justice, our belief in law and order, and our readiness to commit to the social contract is completely and satisfactorily met.

-- Esema Aguse