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When an antithesis reacts effectively to a thesis without a further  reaction from the thesis, the antithesis is seen to become the new substantive thesis,  until it is effectively  displaced by the reaction of a superior antithesis..
.this is the  spirit and ethos of the philosophical doctrine of dialectism. It is in pari materia to the above, that Oraye St. Franklyn did put up what can best be described as an apologia of dual utility, being ; a meta narrative in defense of the just held PDP Rivers White Friday, and an antithesis in reaction to the earlier held APC Rivers Black Monday.

In dialectism, it is not just enough to make thesis or antithesis...but the emphasis is on Valid thesis and antithesis. For every  thesis or antithesis to be valid, it must have a valid premise and conclusion; and the premise and conclusion must be mutually inclusive to the extent that the premise must be drawn from the conclusion and vice versa. Rivers APC had posited as a logical conclusion that there was no election in Rivers state. A conclusion that is premised upon several reasons with the most tragic being the issue of bloody violence proliferation of politically motivated gruesome murder of Rivers citizens. A position that was not only reinforced positively but also greatly validated by the events of the globally publicized Rivers Black Monday. Firstly , the testimonies by the families of the said murder victims have given much face cum credence to the alleged cases of gruesome killings during the election, and the reported attacks by PDP thugs on lives and vehicles of APC supporters en-route the event have empowered the biceps and triceps of validity as towards the claim of killings and bloody violence before, during and after the notorious Rivers Election...especially as a trend that has gone episodic in the live and fabrics of the Nyesom Wike-led pharoaic regime in Rivers state. Logical enquiry in response to this validated position of the APC should therefore be able to dispel not just the conclusion, but first the numerous valid premises upon which the APC hinged their conclusions.

The unfortunate attempt by Oraye to legalize a proven illegality falls short of even the basic standards of logic:

*His conclusion that Rivers state have been peaceful before, during and after the election could not be hinged on any valid premise either purported or observed. Superior reasoning emanating from facts around the police-induced violence before the election during the impunity regime of CP Mbu, cultists-induced violence during the election as rightly captured by Jega-led INEC, when it  gazetted that Rivers State, with 66 recorded cases of pots of violence, had the highest number and intensity of violence during the election, more than the sum of the rest of the country put together...and more recently, the increasing number of post-election cases of robbery, killings, kidnapping and the most recent report by the Nation, a national daily, on the strategic attacks on APC supporters on their way to Rivers Black Monday by PDP thugs, burning at least 10 buses in the process... etc, are all hard facts to dispel the unfounded conclusion of PDP as to a peaceful Rivers State before, during and after election.

* Rivers PDP were unable to show or logically prove against the reality of cited to whether the mentioned families like the Adubes, first of all exists, and whether they were truly victims of such purported gruesome murder. Instead of dwelling on this logical path, Oraye and his PDP decided to  uphold  grand fallacies of non-sequitur by applying diversionary methods in bringing in issues like Buhari's purported campaign promises, which is highly unrelated and has no bearing to the issue of whether people were killed or violently attacked before, during and after  election in Rivers state.  Their choice to avoid the main issue and instead attack the person of President Mohammed Buhari and other APC leaders is highly guilty of the fallacious crime called argumentum ad hominem, which have a vacuous anchorage on the organizational fallacies of inductive leap, deductive fall and non-sequitur... because their conclusion is invalid and untrue to the extent that it has no bearing or valid link with their presented premises and to the extent that their presented premises are both invalid in their own respect and logically irrelevant to their conclusion that Rivers state have been peaceful before, during and after the election.

At this juncture, I need not remind Oraye St Franklyn that it was not the black Polo worn by the APC, but the proven cases of sporadic killings and violence before, during and after the election, that made it Rivers Black Monday... In the same vein, it is not the quality or number of white shirts worn by PDP during their ill-conceived White Friday  that validates Rivers State to be peaceful before, during and after the election.

Postmodernist Victor Nwobike
-Political scientist cum Analyst
-Social Critic