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My dear people of Rivers State and beyond, I bring you special greetings once again.
No man can play god successfully!! Mr. Nyesom Wike's reign of terror and maladministration in Rivers State, appears to be numbered. Without any political sentiments attached, it is a honest truth that, the incumbent administration, though already sacked by the governorship Tribunal and the Appeal Court, has failed to showcase any iota of purposeful or transparent leadership since May 29th, 2015.

Wike has only succeeded in plunging Rivers State into a huge debt burden, to the tune of over forty billion Naira (N40bn), after squandering eight(8)months of Federal allocations and internally generated revenue, amounting to well over one hundred billion Naira (N100bn). There is nothing on ground anywhere in Rivers State, to justify the amount so far received by his government.
Which new project has Wike initiated?
Which new project has Wike completed?
Apart from parts of Port-Harcourt and Obio-Apko, where Wike hurriedly completed and criminally commissioned/claimed projects initiated by his predecessor, most of which were at various stages of completion, which other LGA of Rivers State can show any completed or uncompleted project by this Wike's administration.

All Rivers people got from Wike and his clique, is the high level of insecurity as a result of his open penchant for criminals/touts. His broad day light romance and relationship with cult leaders, ex-militants and ex-convicts is greatly regrettable and a slight to the person and position of a governor. However, the recent security operations against armed bandits and cultist in parts of Rivers State by federal forces, is a welcomed development. The operations must be sustained and even reinforced. The security operatives should be commended for this timely intervention. They must not bow to any pressure or harken to the blackmail of Wike and his cohorts. The successful raid a few days ago, on the residence of one Soboma Jackrees, alias "Eberi Papa", an ex-militant, a known notorious criminal, whom Wike shamefully appointed as an LGA CTC Chairman, is a very good development.
According to reports on the media, as authenticated by the Police authorities, that several sophisticated arms and ammunitions were recovered as expected, while over 600 stolen PVC's was also recovered and several miscreants arrested in the residence of the Eberi Papa during the police raid. I hereby urge the security agencies to extend this same operations to all other known criminal minded and violent prone allies of Mr. Wike within the state. This will curb the spate of high rate of kidnapping, armed robbery, assassinations and other criminal violent crimes that has engulfed the state since the emergence of this unfortunate administration.

Apparently, Wike's Diminished Certificate of Return to his village, will be issued to him by the Supreme Court, in a few days from now.  He'll then be made to face the wrath of the law with regards to his involvements in the death of so many persons, who were murdered or maimed on the altar of his greedy ambition. He will also be made to account for several trillions of Naira, which he mismanaged and embezzled with his cronies as Minister for Education. With this and many other qualifications, Rivers electorates are now better informed on who should govern them given the opportunity of a rerun gubernatorial election.

Once more, hopes are very high, expectations are clearly positive for Rivers State to become great again, more peaceful and prosperous, if rescued out of the stained hands of Wike. This is the wish and prayers of majority of the Rivers indigenes and residents. I am amongst many others that had no choice, than to escape the killer gangs of Wike at the face of potent threats to my life, simply because we stood our grounds that his ambition was greedy, selfish and against the provisions of the constitution of the PDP. I hear news of PDP members already defecting to APC, it's not a surprise and it's just "a tip of the iceberg"!! I can bet you that nobody will defect from APC to PDP, but there will be a tsunami of defections into APC soonest.
Wike is now weak and diminished, his ability to mastermind/orchestrate violence and rig elections has been destroyed.
I pray for a Rivers State without Wike as governor every minute, hour, day, night and month, I will not return to PHC(Rivers State), until I hear that Wike has returned to his village or imprisoned!!

God bless Rivers State!!

Pastor Ndamati Johnson Eyinda
Of Elelenwo Community
Writes from Ilorin.