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It would have been apparently suicidal if the decisions of the revered Judges at the lower tribunal and appellate Court on the shambolic elections of March 28, and April 11 2015 were  otherwise and as such commendations must be given to the Nigerian judiciary which stood in defence of our democracy.

That being history, attention is now shifted to the rerun which would take center stage within this quarter of the year as proposed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The question therefore, that well meaning sons/daughters of DELGA extraction should answer is whether to enthrone a profusely clueless millitant or a perfect gentleman prepared for leadership?

An opportunity (a better one at that) would be provided for us to elect one who would represent us at the Rivers State House of Assembly, and thus be empowered to speak on our behalf; liaise with the State and Federal governments and her agencies and attract developments to the area through qualitative and responsive legislations at the hallowed Chamber of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

This time, elections would be conducted in a manner devoid of violence, manipulations, thuggery, ballot box snatching, stuffing, and mind blowing concocted result figures even when electorates were clearly disenfranchised. All these and many other anomalies characterised the last election. Indeed, this time, the votes of the people would be counted and would count.

Who, then shall we send to the Rivers State House of Assembly? Who, would go for us? Having considered the credentials, exposure, experience and especially, antecedents of the candidates of the parties, we make bold to say, DEGEMA at this point in time would be safer, and better positioned to take her rightful place with the choice of ELDRED T. LULU-BRAIDE, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for DEGEMA STATE CONSTITUENCY.

Eldred Braide popularly called BILLY has a very peaceful and nonviolent disposition; he is intelligent, unassuming, humble and God fearing; he possesses the requisite educational credentials and the exposure and experience of governance. He has served in the following capacities:
1. LGA Party chairman, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Degema LGA - 1992 to November 1993.
2. Member, Degema LGA CTC and Supervisor for Education - November 2002 to June 2003.  
3. Commissioner, Rivers State Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - July 18 to October 25, 2007.
4. Special Adviser to the Governor of Rivers State on Conflict Resolution - August 2008 to May 2011.

DEGEMA of a truth cannot afford not to make the right choice. The LGA remains one of the oldest in the history of the State, and therefore, is being looked upon by many of her daughter LGAs to provide leadership and dictate the pace that others should follow. Our people from Bakana - Oguruama; Tombia - Bukuma; Ke - Bille; Consulate - Degema Town; and Usokun-Degema - Obuama MUST GET IT RIGHT. The right and sure foundation must be bequeathed for our upcoming generations. Say No to blood sucking millitants. BILLY is our choice.