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PDP Allegation, A ploy to distract security agents

It is appalling to see some unscrupulous elements give it a political colouration, all in a bid to exonorate the sacked Governor who had incessantly appointed well known militants in positions of trust in the state.

In spite of all the warnings given by elder statesmen like Chief Herbert Horsfall, Chief Anabs Sara Igbe and well meaning Rivers elders, those who wanted the brick house by hook or crook kept deaf ears and adamantly went ahead to impose themselves on the people of Rivers State as governor.

Residents of the state are all living witnesses to the everyday killings, kidnappings, robbery and breach of public peace by political hoodlums. Prior to now some concerned citizens and stakeholders gave a stern face about the looming security breach if Wike is elected governor.

May we call on the good people of Rivers State to discountenance the spurious allegation made by the pdp. It is nothing but a ploy to distract the attention of security agents in the on going combing of criminal elements and mopping up of arms in the state.

We want to condemn with all sense of vehemence the brazen allegation by Rivers State pdp that the raid and discovery of arms in the house of the CTC chairman of ASALGA is politically motivated. The raid is not only a welcome development but a neccessary prerequisite to protect the good people of Rivers State.

Degema new media.