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#trekForWorldPeace: Man Trekking from Adamawa to Ghana for peace

A man popularly known as Duduwale from the northwestern part of Nigeria, a native of Adamawa state has embarked upon what he describes as a #trek4worldpeace.

Duduwale who's friends and fans on social media calls "the world trekker himself" has started a journey by foot from his home town in Adamawa state.

Duduwale whom has embarked on a journey he taged #TrekForWorldPeace on the 4th of January 2016 is to cover 30,000km from Adamawa to Ghana.

Duduwale's agenda for the #trekForWorldPeace is aimed at saying No Terrorism, Insurgency, Corruption, Drug abuse and Sentiments. He has already trekked pass Yola the capital of Adamawa state.

You can add Duduwale up on Facebook: Duduwale Trekforworldpeace.
You can also support him with the harshtag #trekforworldpeace.