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Today is symbolic in Rivers State as change agents gathered in their various wards across the state to
preview the possible outcome of the March 19th Rivers Rerun. The Ancient Ihnwuorohna Kingdom of Isiokpo took its turn, to declare and imbibe the message of hope to not only party members, but to the entire masses who have been concurrently victimised and pauperised by the iron grip of the Pharaoh-in-BrickHouse.

Wonderful soul-lifting and reassuring epistles were delivered by the Apostles of Hope, who took their time and tact to announce to the densely populated audience that the current situation is that of 'once beaten, twice shy' ...stressing that the party is now ready to match the PDP antics for antics, tactics for tactics, vote for vote and any other wise. In their words, "go tell the PDP people say wetin their mama tell them, our mama don tell us also". They enjoined the members to play their own part by turning up in mass at their various polling units to vote all APC candidates to victory in the March 19th rerun election. Notable among these Apostles are the Enigma-Trio of Hon Aso Wenah, Barrister Achi William Wobodo, and Hon Chris Oyirinda. Others include Chief Ochiriozwor 1 of Isiokpo, Mr IGO Dimm et al.

The ambience of fear and timidity that hitherto griped some party members after the infamous supreme court verdict that affirmed Nyesome Wike as Governor, and the  incessant threats, harassment, victimization, assassination, and other forms of attack on party members, following the inverted verdict, suddenly disappeared and went extinct at the sound of the gospel of liberation excellently delivered by these Apostles of Hope.

The now inspired and motivated members expressed their excitement, relief and new found hope by rounds of standing and clapping ovation as the epistles went on. Majority of those interviewed after the event at both ward 1 & 2 of Isiokpo said they are already geared up to mobilize massively during the mega campaign rally on Tuesday next week, as Isiokpo plays host to the LGA  Rerun Campaign Train, by 9: 00 AM...and also to do the needful to ensure the victory of Chief Andrew Uchendu, Elder Chidi Wihioka, and Hon Chikere Azubuike Wanjoku during the Rerun proper.