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• Procured forms for more than 1200 JAMB candidates drawn from the seven LGAs in the Rivers South-East Senatorial District.
• Assisted 900 final-year students through his annual school fees support scheme.
• Assisted 120 Students through his annual Law School support initiative.

• Granted scholarship to a Boy from Deeyor Community to study from JS 1 – 3 and two others from Eweh Community.
• Provided Scholarship to 9 Journalists from the Senatorial District, covering Post-graduate, Higher and diploma in Journalism.
• Awarded Scholarship worth N100,000.00 each to 159 students from the District to study in higher institution.
• Sponsoring 10 girl children at the cost of N3,000,000.00 annually in St. Martins De Porres Girls College, Ubima, Ikwerre LGA.
• Provides monthly stipends to student leaders in the 7 LGAs
• Sponsored the training of graduates at the Workmanship Training and Technical Center of RSSDA.
• Donated computers to Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Port Harcourt.


• Graduate Skill Acquisition project – 40 beneficiaries.
• Youth skills acquisition program in the following communities: Bera 20, Kwawa 12, Andoni 21, Eleme 30, Boue 3, Biara 7 and Gwara 10.

• Rehabilitation of an Industrial Borehole with 27KVA Generator covering 5 communities in Ahoada East LGA.
• Sunk a Water Borehole in Kaani II, Khana LGA with a Generator
• Sunk a Water Borehole in Duburo Community, Khana LGA with a generator.
• Sunk a Water Borehole in Oyorokotor Community in Andoni LGA with a generator.
• Provided a Water Borehole with a generator in Kira Community, Tai LGA.
• Sunk a Water Borehole with a generator to Olukanam Community, Andoni LGA.
• Sunk Water Borehole with a generator in Bera Community, Gokana LGA.
• Provided a Water Borehole with a generator in Giokoo Community, Gokana LGA.
• Sunk a Water Borehole with a generator to Nchia Market traders, Alode in Eleme LGA.
• Sunk Water Borehole with a generator in Oyigbo LGA.
• Provided a Water Borehole with a generator in Baen Community, Khana LGA.
• Sunk Water Borehole with a generator to Sogo Community, Khana LGA.


• Provided an electrification project in Kaa Community, Khana LGA.
• Rehabilitated electricity project in Gwara Community, Khana LGA.
• Extended electricity project to the following Communities in Khana LGA: Luubara, Gure, Eweh, Pue, Duburo, Zaakpon, Sii, Kabangha, Luumene Bangha, Luegbo Beeri Bangha, Luere Beeri, Nyokuru, Bianu, Luuwa, Nyogor Lueku, Korokoro Lueku, Lueku Bangha, Koro Bangha, Kere Bangha, Nyobe Bangha and Bionu Bangha at the cost of N21,000,000.00.
• Paid electricity bill of N7,000,000.00 owed by communities in Khana LGA.
• Procured and distributed Transformers to the following communities: Bera and Deeyor, Gokana LGA; Nkoro Community, Opobo/Nkoro LGA; Kpite, Tai LGA andMgboji, Oyigbo LGA.
• Presently linking Ajakajak Community in Andoni to the national grid with two high tension tower’s line and installation of 500kva transformer for the electrification of the community.


• Reconstruction and completion of Biara Community Town Hall, Gokana LGA.
• Construction of a 3 bedroom apartment for a less privileged woman in Deeyor Community, Gokana LGA.
• Donated in support of the construction of the Palace of the Paramount Ruler of Deeyor Community, Gokana LGA.


• Rehabilitated Kono waterside Jetty for use by the people of Opobo/Nkoro, Andoni and neighbouring Ikot-Abasi, Akwa-Ibom State.
• Graded a 10km access road from East-West expressway to Kaani II, Khana LGA.
• Graded access road in Kono Community, Khana LGA
• Constructed a major culvert in Kono Community, Khana LGA
• Constructed a footbridge in K-Dere, Gokana LGA.
• Built a state of the art secretariat for National Union of Ogoni Students with computers and generator etc.
• Provided relief materials to the people of Oronija Community, Andoni LGA.
• Provided 50 midgets (micro tape recorders) to journalists from the 7 LGAs that make up the Rivers South-East Senatorial District.
• Renovated a Jetty and a bus stop in Kaa Community, Khana LGA.

• Sponsored free eye testing and correction for school children in the senatorial zone.
• Led HIV/AIDs awareness campaign in Gokana LGA
• Led a special sanitation exercise in Bera Community, Gokana LGA


• Provided 24 sewing machines to Eweh community, Khana LGAand another 15 yet to be distributed.
• Provided fishing gears to Oyorokoto fishing port, Andoni LGA.
• Donated motorcycle to 51 beneficiaries under his free transport scheme, Gokana LGA and 30 in Oyigbo LGA.
• Donated 19 motorcycle to the 19 wards in Khana LGA


• Supported 50 market women in Oyigbo with N2,000,000.00 for small scale business.
• Donated 1,100 wrappers to women of Opobo/Nkoro LGA.
• Donated 1,900 wrappers to women in the 19 wards of Khana LGA.
• Donated 1,700 wrappers to women of Gokana LGA
• Donated 1,000 wrappers to women of Eleme LGA
• Donated 1,000 wrappers to women of Tai LGA
• Donated 1,100 wrappers to women of Andoni LGA
• Donated 1,000 wrappers to women of Oyigbo LGA.
• Donated 17 ladies motorcycle to the 17 ward women leaders in Gokana LGA.
• Empowerment of 100 women in Bori.


• Contributed towards the enthronement of peace in several communities across the Senatorial District.


• Financial support to non-indigenes in Rivers State.
• Donated 1,000 wrappers to female non-indigenes in Rivers State.


• Donated a brand new bus to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Gokana chapter.
• Supported evangelistic activities in Bori and Degema
• Fixing of tiles in The Apostolic Church Auditorium, Bera, Gokana LGA.


• Construction of Primary School at Rumusoya Community, Oyigbo LGA.
• Construction of Primary School in Sogho Community, Khana LGA.
• Construction of State-of-the-art laboratory block for the Department of Anatomy, University of Port Harcourt.
• Construction of an Administrative Block for the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt.


Facilitated the implementation of the following MDG projects in the Senatorial District, presently at 68% completion.

• Computer centre/accessories/furniture at Kpite, Tai LGA.
• Computer centre/accessories/furniture at Ngo, Andoni LGA
• Computer centre/accessories/furniture at Nonwa, Tai LGA
• Solar borehole/accessories at Obure Egberu, Oyigbo LGA.
• Solar borehole/accessories at Kwawa, Khana LGA.


• Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream).
• Member, Senate Committee, Capital Market
• Member, Senate Committee, INEC
• Member, Senate Committee on National ID and National Population.
• Member, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence.
• Member, Senate Committee, MDGs
• Chairman, Senate Joint Committee to investigate the Administration of the fuel subsidy scheme.
• Senator Magnus Abe initiated the Local Refineries (licensing) Bill. The Bill is aimed at enhancing the construction of local refineries by private companies and individuals.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Senator Magnus Abe's achievements just in four years in the senate. Just the one we can compile.

If you support Olaka NWOGU, show us his scorecard here....after wasting 12 unprecedented years in the House of Reps.