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Rivers Re-Run story By Iyowuna Henry Cookey

Iyowuna Henry Cookey

There are questions Rivers People need to ask themselves as regards the Rivers Re-run elections.
A few of this questions are;

* How was the 2015 Presidential, Governorship, National and State Assembly election conducted in the State?

* Was  INEC led by Gesila Khan fair to political parties?

* Who recruits INEC ad-hoc staffs and Returning officers?

* Who determines when an  election has been rigged?

* Who used security agent to arrest political opponents?

There are a thousand and one questions that needs urgent answers, Nyesom Wike should be called to order knowing that he is the Governor of the state. If he thinks threatening people just because he has not been given the opportunity to carry out what he did during the 2015 election. where killings, destruction of properties and disenfranchising voters from voting was the order of the day............ Instead of trying to blackmail INEC and the Security.

Is Gov. Nyesom Angry that members of PDP are no more Polling Officers (PO),  Electoral Officers (EO) and Returning Officers or that the Security agencies will perform their duty to protect Rivers People who will vote from the wicked plans of Nyesom. Then and again he may be angry that Gesila Khan is no longer in Rivers State.

Let this be a reminder to him that come March 19th 2016 Rivers People shall come out in their numbers to elect who  ever they think will represent them at the Senate, House of Representive and the State House of Assembly. We shall vote weather Nyesom likes it or not.