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When Politicians Turn Activists by Ezebunwo Omachi

Upon assertions of marginalisation against the Niger delta and the people of Ogoni in particular. There is one politician who often calls herself a Niger Delta activist but is known very well to those who must have watched her speak or listened to her anti-Buhari programs that has been on the airways for quite a long time.

Mrs Annkio Briggs, an environmental and human Rights activist to those who don't know her and a bitter politician amongs those that knows her. She is one of the biggest Critic of the Pres. Muhammadu Buhari's lead federal government. This is because she has refused to become a gallant loser since the former President Goodluck Jonathan lost in the past general elections. Her unending hatred for President Muhammadu Buhari has reached a height of desperation as she has cashed into misinforming the populace about the environmental clean-up in Ogoni land.

Like other top politicians in the PDP, Mrs Annkio Briggs has stopped at nothing in using the media to rubbish the image of this current administration. According to Mr Gift Uche, a caller on her radio program "saving the Niger Delta". the caller said:  "There is no smoke without a fire. please stop misinforming the public on radio, you were one of the few sent to the national conference to represent us, why didn't you come up with all this ideas? It is becoming clearer that you're a politician with special interest, we beg of you to stop blowing up the polity and allow peace to reign"

The caller to me was not too far from the truth as her Agenda is focused on putting the APC and the federal government in Bad light by comments on national issues.

Also, her anti-federal government movement "Agape Birthright" represents a deeply disturbing development in the Niger Delta: a group of politicians imposing their radical and political agenda on a public that does not support it. There is not, and has never been, a widespread public demand to drastically end the reign of a political party in the South-south through the help of media propaganda and sponsored political radio programs. This movement has not been an example of democracy at work. It has been an example of special interest politics at work.

Let us all Ignore the so called "saving the Niger Delta" with Annkio Briggs and focus on our collective and unending desire for the development of our dear Rivers state and the Niger Delta.

Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi writes from Port Harcourt