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Reactions are still trialling the murder of a senior lecturer at the Ken Saro-wiwa polytechnic in Bori Vincent Eebe by suspected hired assassins, The move of the survival of the Ogoni people (MOSSOP) which is the apex social cultural group in Ogoni land has condemned the killing of Vincent.
MOSSOP President Legbosi Piegbara expressed regret that the recurring insecurity in Ogoni land is painting the area in bad light.

Piegbara called on Rivers state police command to carry out a thorough investigation to uncover the perpetrators of criminal activities in Ogoni and bring them to justice.

On this part, the former caretaker chairman of Gokhana local government council Kadilo Kabari described the killing of Vincent Eebe as one too many, Kabari attributed the killing of Vincent to politics and called on all politicians in Ogoni region to put their differences aside for the common good of the people.

In his words: "look how Vincent has been killed and who knows who would be the next person to be so killed, am accusing the PDP controlled government in Rivers state of complicity and double standard when it comes to the ugly occurrence in Ogoni and the reasons are not far fetched, politics and Economics. Do you remember Delua declaration of stop Abe by all means? Do you remember the press release admitting knowledge of the military operations duely signed by his SA, then to turn around to insight Ogoni's against their own and sponsored black day processions as well as sneer campaigns? Why have they not conducted town hall meetings in Ogoni as they did in the Orashi?"