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More than a week ago, I got intelligence that the Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike was so perturbed about what he thought the effect of President BUHARI's visit to Ogoni land to launch the implementation of the UNEP report would have on the Ogoni populatio
n that he had hastily decided to do something that in his own word will "neutralize the impact" of the President's visit. I shared this information with a few friends and my leaders.

In fact, I was specifically told that Governor WIKE had decided to carry out what my informant called "artificial photo opportunity flag-off" of the Saakpenwa/Kpopie/Kono Road as a means of "checkmating" the impact of BUHARI's visit to Ogoni land. I was also told that the charade was necessitated by "Magnusphobia", a novel psychological condition in Rivers State that has kept the Wike group on the edge.

Governor WIKE, hitherto in two public speeches, had given two different dates that he would commence the road in question, promises he failed to keep.

As for me, I don't care what Wike's motives are for contriving a flag-off of the Saakpenwa/Kpopie/Kono Road after many failed promises.  If it's as a result of Magnusphobia, let it be that the fear of Magnus has brought something good to Ogoni. If it's as a result of the fear of the impact of the visit of President Buhari, let it also be that the goodwill of our brother and friend from Katsina State has also done additional good to Ogoni. But something worries me the way Governor WIKE is carrying on.

Today, Wike was live on Rhythm 93.7 F.M radio station in Port Harcourt as part of activities marking his first one year in office, and true to what my informant told me, he gleefully declared that on Thursday (tomorrow), he was going to flag-off the Saakpenwa/Kpopie/Kono Road. A lot of people had expected the Governor to say that the road has been awarded to so so company for so so much. But nothing about that was said.

Nobody should be surprised to know that the road in question has not been awarded to any company to anybody's knowledge. So how can the Governor flag-off a road that has not been awarded? Where else does that happen?

Governor WIKE should stop seeing Ogoni people as articles to play politics with. Let him award the road to a competent company and fund the company to do the work to acceptable standards. That is what we expect. You can't flag-off a road that you have not awarded because you are only interested in playing politics with the people and expect that we should all be bamboozled.

After all, in his first one year in office, he didn't drop a pin anywhere in Ogoni. Our people deserve better. Is Ogoni not the place that people are killing everyday to show how much they support his government?

Let the Governor stop politics for now and do the right thing. That is what will make Ogoni people happy.