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Still On Corruption: A Call To Duty

If not for these foreign trips embarked upon by President Buhari, how would the international leaders and organizations had come to the defense of Nigeria and her president on the alleged "fantastically corrupt" insult meted out on us by the prime minister of a corrupt harbouring country like the UK?

Yet some gullibles are busy defending the indefensible, that Buhari is witch-hunting past corrupt leaders for looting our treasury dry under the supervision of former President Jonathan. Even in the face of clear cases of fund returns, plea bargains and other confessional statements made by this executive thieves?

Until, we as Nigerians move away from party line sentiments, nigeria may not make much headway.
Positive change comes with alot of challenges no doubt, nigerians must offer that necessary co-operation for the overall good of all.

Governors and local govt chairmen are not left out. They are the closest to the grassroot. Rather than perform and see to the improvement of society, they sit and join others to criticise the center, even when the FG is working tirelessly to move away from our mono-economy dependence.

I hereby enjoin all to roll up your sleeves and provide governance to the people.
For instance, crime rate in Rivers State has tremendously increased and the governor seem not to have any plan to deal with the root causes.
Meanwhile in Lagos State, the governor declared the sum of 101 billion naira as internally generated revenue (IGR) from the state.

It therefore suggest to me that while the other was working tirelessly, the other was busy with trivial issues that doesn't add value to the economy of the state.

The time to make amends is now!
We must support our leaders to succeed and constructively criticize them when the situation demands we do. It doesn't mean hate. As stakeholders, it is a duty!

Do have a blessed day

Somiari Ogolo Esq.