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Vyktur Johnny A Student Of Amaechi's School Of Thought

Children's day has come and gone but what will remain in the minds of most people is the amount of mind blowing Birthday wishes that was sent to 'may 27th' celebrants on various social media platform.

The internet was filled with beautiful pictures of Nigeria's "super Minister" as some will call him. Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as he celebrated his 51st birthday.

While others were celebrating and sending their wishes across i observed with keen interest how a public affairs analyst and a student of the Amaechi's school of thought shares same birth date. Friends and well wishers of Vyktur Johnny stopped at nothing to wish him well on his special day.

Some described him as an inspirer, some called him a motivator while others said he is a quintessential gentleman amongs all this, what really caught my attention was a life time story David Olungwe friends with Vyktur Johnny shared.

The content you are about to see below was gotten from Vyktur Johnny's wall. ©all rights reserved.