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Absence Of Security Presence In Buguma And It's Environs

Indigenes of Buguma have decried the high level of insecurity around the town and its environs, a press statement by an indigene of the community Iyene Douglas reads:

It is now a thing of consistence, at the way and manner we the residents of BUGUMA are being attacked, oppressed and killed on daily basis. We are no more safe, in the home we once called a home.

We daily suffer gross security challenges on lives and properties even in our own homes. The severity is so much so that our Livelihood is negatively affected: the commerce and economy of the LGA is diminishing by this insecurity.

This is very unfair under this administration and therefore would not be wrong for one to conclude that,
It is a colossal show of negligence from the Security angle.
We have on several occasions cried out concerning this insecurity issue, yet nothing has been done. Rather, our security has being tampered with compromise, where one will be crying for insecurity and another will be appreciating it.
A situation where we have being denied of sleep with our two eyes closed, where one eye has totally left the chores of our beloved BUGUMA.

This is Abysmal, It is wickedness and Preposterous in all ramifications.
We want to make it categorically clear that,  there is no security in BUGUMA and its Neibouring LGA's. This situation has made Lives and properties to be in total Jeopardy.

Just this morning, A Full bus, from Buguma, filled with mankind, Humans, Was hijacked. A Full loaded human beings, was kidnapped and has been taken to an unknown destination.
These people have families, They have Loved ones, they have people waiting for them to come back home for crying out loud. Why would government take with Levity, the Lives of innocent harmless individuals, who have a future that no one of us can fathom neither decipher?, Why?.

To You our Beloved Neighbours, we have to come together, to apply the "community effort strategy". Let us strategize on a Plan that will stand as an achievable goal, which will favour us all. Make it known to the Government, seek their consent of approval to secure these channels of entrance to our domains. The burdens that this collaboration would  bare, will be spread amongst the concerned LGAs. This will help in making certain none stands a liability to the other, But rather will bring solace and succour to all concerned.

Let us collaborate to go against these criminal activities around our environments, with a more vigorous approach:
Emohua is vast with Land, and at the door of our collective responsibility, let the provision of Land be their quarter. The other LGAs to complete the circle, in achieving desired Goals and Objectives. This will include: Setting up of a mini station, Get logistics to cover up for all security apparatus, plus recurrent expenditures to lubricate the said station and it's activities. Finally, seek for officers from the CP, to man this station. Not forgetting that in our provisions, accomodation for personels will be of top priority.
Remember, You are at best, your own security.

We are calling for help, We are calling for a more vibrant National attention in Buguma and our Neighbouring LGAs, that our security needs will be met, as right now there is a complete Absence of it.

The relevant security agencies should please take cognizance of our plight and do the needful with an ASAP approach.
Our people are dying in silence, lives are taken away daily, BUGUMA is going extinct in a gradual pace, and before we know it, there will be no BUGUMA left in Rivers State, as it may be with other Neighbouring LGA's. In this regard, we are compelled to ask: Is this a calculated plan, or is this an act of crass incompetence?. Only time will tell, yet the security agencies should rise up to their duties,  That is afterall their duty.


Iyene Douglas