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Gov. Wike, Rivers PDP And Their Constant Threat To National Institutions In Rivers state


I listened to the PDP rants and THREATS this morning via Rhythm 93.7 fm 7am News on a national Jurist, Distinguished Justice Buckachua, The President Nigeria Court of Appeal on the case of Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree who have suffered judicial oppression in Rivers State under the rulership of Barr. Wike.
The judge handling the case at state court is Justice Magret Austin-Okpara, the wife of Rt. Hon. Austin Okpara, a former deputy speaker of federal house of representatives and Gov. Wike points man in the current BORROWING PDP led government of Rivers State according to rivers people.

The Rivers PDP through their publicity secretary, THREATENED this morning that Distinguished justice Buckachua should watch it as she was used to frustrate their case during the governorship tribunal that pronounced Wike Rivers governor. By this THREAT it has become conspicuous that Gov. Wike and PDP is doing everything illegally possible to keep Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree in detention just because of the inconclusive rivers re-run election in Asari-Toru where Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree painted the entire LGA an APC LGA according to EgberiPapa... the supposed Asalga PDP leader who till date is still wanted by the Nigeria Police Force.

"We advice PDP and Gov. Wike led Rivers State government  to channel her strength to the very many challenges caused by members of Rivers PDP and now  biting hard on innocent Rivers people... The Killings, Be-heading, Kidnap, Abuse on Market woman/men and business owners (forceful sale of sanitation bucket for a very wonderful price... the Obio/Akpor Price you know?) have paralysed, polarised and crippled business activities, night life and the negligence of government programs in all the LGAs in Rivers State outside Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt (exception of Sakpenwa Road). Nothing is been felt by other LGAs."

"This is same state Gov. Amaechi led and did wonders... Amaechi built BIG Schools (World Class Primary and Secondary Institution), BIG Health Centers, BIG Roads and Bridges, Human Capacity, Employed Over 13,000 teachers, Over 1000 Medical Doctors, Agriculture, where Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree's LGA has one of the best till now that the Barr. Wike administration abused it. The same state Dr. Peter Odili led and did very well... why is it different under Gov. Wike? But why?"

We advice that since the only strategy Gov. Wike know on how to get money is by BORROWING he should please BORROW more and pay teachers, especially the contracted security men that have THREATENED to lock up the gates of all government owned primary school on Monday.

Although the Kengema Unity Forum, A PDP appendage Organization based in buguma, Hon. Ojukaye's home town once cried in media houses and public places that Asari-Toru is APC Courtesy of Ojukaye Flag Amachree, Dr. Dawari George and others until they came up with their group.

Therefore, we call on Gov. Wike and Rivers PDP members to stop the THREAT and allow the judiciary to dispense justice in it's credit. The Members of Rivers PDP most desist for the last time their usual strategy of THREAT and ACOMPLISHMENT on National Institutions and her staffs located in Rivers State. For example, the world known #WriteYourWill THREAT... especially at this period when churches and progressive minded individuals are fasting and praying for the return of PEACE in Rivers State.

The government of Wike have BORROWED over 116billion naira in less than 375days in office... salary have not been paid for severe months, now we hear he wants to retrieve guns from the boys in the name of the Famous Amnesty Program... "any ways I am not surprise because fresh 16billion is just BORROWED... crying for usage from some where around Moscow Road. Old GRA. Port Harcourt. Nigeria


Mfata Mfata
The Warrant Comrade Writes From Emohua LGA.
25th, June. 2016.