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Opinion Poll: Who Would Win the S.U.G Presidential Election in RSUST?

The latest opinion poll on which is still ongoing  shows Daminabo Alali Daniel, leading Tongawaji Caleb Emmanuel, Divine Precious, Ndimele Prince as well as other Presidential candidates in a race to clinch the highest post of The S.U.G in Rivers State university of science and technology.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with Ent-Forum RSUST chapter and Premium Integrated Development Initiative (PIDI), showed a close race between the top Presidential aspirants.

There are 6 candidates vying for the Presidential ticket in RSUST, but Daminabo Alali Daniel and Tongawaji Caleb Emmanuel are the front runners.

When respondents were asked who they will be voting for in the election, according to the poll results, Mr. Alali Daniel is leading the other candidates with 28 percent, followed by Mr. Caleb Tongawaji with 11 percent.

However, 61 percent of votes polled have been shared between the other 4 candidates; and it is believed that there are significant proportion of voters that would be critical in deciding who eventually wins the coveted seat.

The survey results also show that both candidates have strong support from eligible voters across various faculties in the university. However, majority of voters are said to be undecided as to their choice of candidate.

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