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[See Photos] Engineering Students Of UST At It Again

Faculty of Engineering in the Rivers State university of science and technology on Wednesday carried out an environmental sanitation around the faculty of engineering, an exercise that was described by the President of the faculty as a means of promoting better health amongs students.

The sanitation exercise was headed by Comr. Sampson E. Mayor the President of the Nigerian universities of Engineering students association (NUESA) UST chapter. The Secretary General of NUESA and chairman sanitation committee Comr. Ezeilo Christopher was also in attendance as they led students around the faculty premises to ensure the place was kept clean and green.

The sanitation exercise which started in the early hours of the afternoon saw students from different departments of the faculty in participation. Comr. Mayor led the sanitation team into classrooms to enlighten students on the rules and regulations that has been adopted by the faculty.

The Rules were read out as follows:
*No noisemaking/loitering around any lecture hall where lecture is in progress

*No posting of bills on the walls

*do not use adhesives on notice boards

*Do not urinate indiscriminately

*Do not litter

*Do not step, write or draw on the seats.

*No eating an drinking in the classrooms.

*No Hawking.

While speaking with our Correspondent the faculty President emphasized the need to imbibe the culture of cleanliness as students and members of the society.

Mini Gallery:

Comr. Ezeilo Christopher
Secretary General Faculty of Engineering.

Comr. Samson E. Mayor
Engineering Faculty President UST.