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Who Will Emerge Winner In The 2016 SUG Presidential Race Of RSUST?

It is in the spirit of Aluta that I salute you today. Given the ongoing rumblings in the grapevine and the many misconceptions in the rumour mills, it has become important that I break the silence on the state of affairs in our great union and how you can be part of the ONGOING electoral process in the Rivers State university of science and technology; students union government (SUG).

Let me start by saying "for the first time" in Nigeria we are having the e-voting system for an SUG election.

And it's happening nowhere else than in the Nigeria's leading e-University located right here in Port Harcourt.
Yea, "PORT HARCOURT" your eyes are not deceiving you.

It gives everyone the opportunity to vote as long as you're a student of the university, what you just have to do on that election day is log-on to your portal which I believe every student knows how.

Click on "Serm", on the side bar you'll see the word "SUG ELECTIONS". just tap the bottom and the various aspirants will appear then click on vote if you've seen your preferred candidate.

But before then, CRYSTAL NEWS would like to know your preferred presidential candidate, just visit; after scrolling past all post (for mobile Viewers) before the bottom, you'll see a poll for candidates.

Select your preferred aspirant and hit the vote button. Let's know how popular these aspirants are.