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An Open Letter To The Governor Of Rivers State By The People Of Ogu

MONDAY 4th July 2016.



The attention of the Amanyanabo, Chiefs and people of Ogu Community and it’s environ has been drawn to several un-doubtable rumours, radio reports and more importantly body language that Ogoni Ethnic group comprised of Eleme, Tai, Gokana, and Khana have concluded concrete plans with hired mercenaries to stage an attack against Ogu and Wakama in Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The people of Ogu would want to use this medium to alert the Rivers State Government, the Police, S.S.S and the Joint Military Task Force (JTF) and by extension the entire State of Rivers and the nation at large that the people of Ogu and Wakama are under such evil threat by their neighboring Ogoni Communities. Ogu Community has strategically located and shares boundaries with Eleme, Tai, and Gokana, it is only Khana that is distant from Ogu. These four Ogoni Local Government Areas inter-marry with Ogu; presently the Ogoni women and children constitute about 8 percent of Ogu population virtually doing everything as natives. Yet their kith and kin are all the time having evil plans against Ogu and Wakama.

Your Excellency, we would want to recall and draw Your Excellency’s attention to our earlier open publication to you in the local tabloid of “weekly Star Newspaper, Vol.17, dated, 28th July-3rd August 2015, Titled Eleme, Sime, Norkpo, Barale, Barayira in Tai LGA plan to attack Ogu Community”.
In that publication, all the strategies of the planned attack were exposed, yet the people of Wakama in Ogu/Bolo were attacked, a Pastor from Ogoloma and some youths were killed in the process by the Mercenaries sponsored by the people of Kporghor in Tai.

We are calling on the Rivers State Government and the Security agencies to speedily come to the aid of Ogu and Wakama Communities in Ogu/Bolo LGA to avoid escalation of this planned unrest.
This publication is in the very interest of Ogu/Bolo Communities and the Ogoni Communities in the region so that there would be no bloodletting in the region.

One of their evil enterprises was exposed on the 13th Oct 2015 through a mad lady whom they pretentiously sent to Ogu Community to carry the soil of Ogu for fetish purposes but she was caught and identified and turned back to where she came from. The people of Ogu are not cannibals, they are people who love development, peace and love for mankind. Daily, nearly one hundred men and women from Ogoni ethnicity do come to Ogu for one business or the other and virtually over hundreds of thousands of naira leaves Ogu to these Ogoni Communities. Yet we are not safe in their hands, some of them are directly employed by our Local Government Council for one job or the other, all in the name of keeping an inter-communal relationship.
It is quite unthinkable that such neighbours could go easily against their benefactors. Our Local intelligence report has it that some top Ogoni politicians in the State are behind the move to stage the said attack.
We are raising this alarm to the people of Rivers State as our stories are always different in the comity of towns in the State. The Ogu man in “Wakirike Nation” is a distinct fellow, whose little demonstrations could lead to an endless war.

Another intelligence report has it that, the people of Kporghor in Tai have also concluded plans to attack Gio, a sister Community. The Reason for the attack was that the people of Gio have always been in good relationship with Wakama at any conflict time between Kporghor and Wakama. A prominent Chief in Gio made the revelation that the people of Gio had refused to join in the Wakama massacre, an enterprise that is barbaric and evil in the neighborhood.
The Ogonis’ planned attack on the various buses conveying Ogu youths to work at the Port Complex is still fresh and alive, as well as that of the Olobulo market, for ambushing along the Eteo/Ogu road. They have also prepared Mopol and Army Uniforms to launch the planned attack in the guise of legitimate Government Security operatives.

The people of Ogu are worried that this evil enterprise and doom which consequences might not and really turn out the way the Ogonis thought to wipe out Ogu and Wakama from the map of Rivers State, no community has the exclusive preserve of violence.

It is also paramount to alert the general public that, Ogu people were reliably informed that these militias would also burn down the Federal Model Junior Secondary School built by His Excellency, Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike Con JP, when he was a Minister of Education, this and other evil related enterprises.

We recalled, during the era of Gov, Amaechi, when an Eleme son was appointed a Commissioner in the Education Ministry, one Mr. Owatte from Nchia who connived with the people of kporo and their Eleme Kith and kin to demolish the Government Secondary School (GSS) Ogu that was built during the era of Cdr. Alfred Diette Spiff Administration, whose only replica is at Kpette in Tai. Mr. Owatte came down with the contractors in the name that the Rivers State Government had approved an Ultra Model Comprehensive Secondary School for Ogu, brought down all the existing solid Hostels, Teachers Quarters, Administrative blocks etc.

When the Ogu Chiefs and elites saw that the contractor was only demolishing without mobilizing to the site, had to stop him from furthering with the demolition.

Yours truly, when asked to commence work, Ogu people were told that the land where the School was to be built is in dispute with kporo - Eleme.
Efforts were made to ensure that the Governor re-award the contract, he promised the people of Ogu but failed.
The Commissioner for carrying out the plan of his ethnicity, “was well received in a reception organized at Nchia School field and a traditional award was given to him. The Government Secondary School they planned to destroy is the same institution that trained most of their children. A saying that the evil that men do lives after them but today it lives with them.
The people of Ogu and Wakama have no other route to Port Harcourt the State Capital except by the option of River by avoiding the land route. It is unthinkable today that communities could lay claim to roads as their own, forgetting that roads belong to the general public.

We would plead with our neighbours to please, appeal to their wards and children fanning the embers of war to desist from such evil enterprise and if elders are involved, such elders have no good plans for their Communities.
As earlier stated in our open letter to the Governor, our immediate neighbours should keep their borders closed from such insurgency against Ogu and Wakama else, the angry Lion would not fail to trace the footprints of its prey.

Your Excellency, we would make bold to state unequivocally that if the Ogoni’s of the four LGA’s would threaten Ogu/Bolo Communities with Mosop that is fine and Okay. But they should remember that the people of Ogu/Bolo are Okrika – Ijaws of Rivers State, “INC or IYC is the direct opposite of MOSOP” the Ijaw nation worldwide is fully aware of these incessant threats by the Ogoni’s against Ogu/Bolo in the region.

“Haa – Izon… Yaa, Haa – Izon… Yaa Izon Kiniemi mo, Kine efa….. Kine emiee….. emi….. Emi… Izon Gbrigbri, gbri- gbri
Mmamani, yaa, Mmamani, yaa, Ada – osu – Nyaaee…..Nyae.
Ichinbobroma Osu, Nyaaee….. Nyae, Nyae”. Osobo – wadiki.

In other to attract the Ogu people to unrest, on the 3rd of Nov, 2015, the people of Onne/Eleme came to Settlement 81, Owukiri in Ogu to clear an area which they have earmarked for sale. It is not a hidden fact that Supreme Court awarded 1,000ft measuring 27miles, which involves 101 Okrika, Ogu towns, and villages were chased away and they no longer approach the area. The Eleme people have sold all their land to companies and have nowhere to fall back to for their future generations, as they did not reserve any.

In a fresh attack in Wakama and Ogu, armed men killed an Okada man last Monday and made away with his machine along Ogu/Eteo road, but the man hails from Akwa – Ibom, he lives at Bariyira in Tai. While, on Saturday early morning hours, combine Ogoni youths launched an attack on Wakama, yet as a small Community they resisted the attack. This must stop. Allow Wakama and Ogu alone.

We would once more call on our highly respected noble Governor, Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike Con. JP, The Commissioner of Police, State Director S.S.S, the Brigade Commander, the Rivers State House of Assembly and the Senate/Reps representatives of the Four Ogoni’s Local Government Areas to call on the leaders of these communities to order, so that they can repent from their bloodletting enterprise for us all to live in peace and unity. We need each other to survive and enjoy the dividends of democracy, as no meaningful business or development can flourish in an atmosphere of violence. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

For: the Chiefs and people of Wakama, Ogu Communities.
Chief S.A.W. Ibisiki Mgbeka.
Chief Abbey E. Okekeya.
Chief Tamunosusu Amabipi Ogu.
Chief T.R Amakiri Abamyeduko.
Chief Daniel I. Davids Ogbiki.
Chief Justice K.S. Kienka Offiomani etc