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The Governor of Rivers State, governor Nyesom Wike, has been called upon to fall back to proper reasoning in his newly activated strategy on matters of addressing the issues of insecurity in the State.

It has been observed with total dismay, and an aberration to the proper perspective of Democracy, the clandestine attitude of the Wike led government against the people of Rivers STATE, especially to the poor, the less privileged and the vulnerables.

While we will not forget to appreciate the fact that, the govt has made a move in addressing the issue of security in the State, But also believes that such should not be used to play politics, rather be done with sincerity of purpose?.

It is in this light, that We, the Vanguard for Justice, Equity and Strategy has come out to in its strong terms condemn in totality the direct attacks and destructions of lives and properties of the good people of Rivers State, especially on the low income earners, the poor and the less privileged.
This is a clear indication that the Wike led govt is absent good intent for the people of Rivers State.
It indicates signs, that governor Wike does not like development, but rather loves to kill development.

Recent events seems to  show that, in His efforts to continue deceiving the people of Rivers State, he has decided to Rob The good people of Rivers State, to pay The warlords and some of the criminals he engaged as mercenaries, to steal his way into the brick house.

Wike Abysmally activated the destruction of illegal structures, which  has dealt a negative blow on the poor, less privileged, low income earners and the vulnerables, with the claims that he is fishing out criminals and cleaning up the State of same.

The question then is: Are these criminals resident in the batchers that governor Wike is destroying?.
Are the warlords resident in batchers?
Those that are being denied of their livelihood and joy today, by reason of these wicked acts, were they the ones that were declared wanted by security agencies?, Are they the ones Wike assisted in securing Court injunctions for?Are the criminals like the Don Wanis, Egberipapas, Samuel Anosike, Solomon Ndigbara and others resident in these batchers?.
Are they the ones owning Batcher shops and Container shops along the roads?: The answer is No!. These are good people Of Rivers State, Law abiding citizens that are managing their lives in wait of better days ahead. These are the ones that believes that Rives State and Indeed Nigeria, will be better.

The first Responsibility of every govt, is to maintain law and order, Have these ones failed in that regard?, or they  are used to usurp those that have!.

It has also been observed, that Governor Wike in his continuous effort to witch hunt his political opponents, has also used this obnoxious strategy, to destroy and deny them of their Livelihood and properties. The latest is the attacks made on the residents of eagle island, Where the property of an APC Chieftain was destroyed and the plot seized.
Obviously, this governor hates Rivers People.

If governor Wike is Sincere in his clean up of criminal hideouts, and the destruction of their properties as claimed, Then he should extend the fight to other areas, Where all manner of criminal activities are carried out on daily bases, which has resulted in sleepless nights as well as people fleeing from there homes, to seek safety elsewhere. Businesses are been colasped on daily bases, effects on economic and social activities conspicuously brought to bare and poverty keeps manifesting in the land.
Governor Wike should show his sincerity by going to Ahoada, Ogoni, Omoku, Buguma,to mention but few.
Wike should show his sincerity by destroying all properties of the Don wanis, Egberipapa, Solomon Ndigbara, Samuel Anosike and other warlords. These ones were ones declard wanted by the security agencies, with evidences of murder and other criminally related offences. They are the criminals governor Wike should sincerely go after, and not those that are decently going about their daily life, looking for what to eat and to maintain the law abiding citizenship in them.

If governor Wike will not go after these ones, if he will not destroy their properties and further bring them to book, Then governor Wike has only but displayed yet another sign of colossal fecklessness to governance, but only graced with a rapid growth to wickedness against the people he has sworn an Oath to protect.

The Vanguard for Justice, Equity and Strategy, A non governmental organization, also call on  the governor to immediately give solace and succur back to those he has deprived of sleep and joy, in the process of these attacks. He should compensate them without delay, as this is after all their constitutional Right, that he has bastadized with impunity.
Immediately effect the return of the properties of the APC chieftain that was seized.