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Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi---Is He The Judas Who Betrayed His Brother? -

Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi---Is He The  Judas Who Betrayed His Brother? -

By Marshall Israel.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when Wike and Patience Jonathan were holding security meetings with the then "professional"cum controversial CP of Rivers State, Brigadier Commander, DSS Director and Air Force Commander in Rivers State without his consent and attendance.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when some Oil wells in Rivers State were seeded to Akwaibom, Bayelsa and Abia State. Therefore, causing a drastic drop in the State's monthly Federal allocation.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when Patience Jonathan dragged microphone from his hand in a public function and openly threatened to deal with him.
He was not a betrayer and a Judas when certificate of return was given to Bro.Felix Obua(Goround) as the State PDP Chairman who never contested nor witnessed the PDP convention. The Party's structure was ultimately handed over to Wike and Patience. Those who never contested for any position emerged from the blue as Party Exco while those who contested and won were denied their mandate. A certain court of law in Edo State ratified the injustice and impunity...and GEJ, his Niger Delta "brother" was President and Commander-in-Chief. He became a hermit, a lone voice and lone man in a Political Party.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when five Members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, sponsored by Nyesom Wike and Patience Jonathan attempted to impeach the Speaker of the House in a bid to impeach him. This obnoxious and abrahamic impunity was supervised by the then CP Joseph Mbu. Patience Jonathan was allegedly in Portharcourt to motivate the civilian Coup executioners and to celebrate their victory.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when the Rivers State House of Assembly complex was locked down and barricaded by the Police for months. Honourable members sat on the road along Mosco Road.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when an ordinary Police constable prevented him from passing through a particular rout in Old GRA, citing an order from above.

He was not a betrayer and a Judas when his supporters and loyalists were prevented from meeting, congregating nor holding rallies by the Police. Those who defied the draconian Police order were subsequently arrested and detained under the supervision of Joseph Mbu, the so-called Professional CP.

He was not a betrayer when 16 was higher than 19 in the Nigerian Governorship election. And Jonathan approved it.
All these happened when he was in PDP and he was not a Judas. He was treated like an outcast. He was ostracized and Persecuted, and if not for the immunity that covers Governors, he would have been arrested and detained yet he was not a betrayer and a Judas.

But when he left the PDP and embrace CHANGE to chat a new course for himself and his followers, he became a betrayer and a Judas. Its only a tree that will remain in the same position after hearing that it will be cut down next day. They publicly boasted and bragged of arresting him after declaring GEJ President. They prepared a prison cloth and number for him but Heaven laughed at them. They are not God. They threatened to block the road, the airport and the seaport so that he will not escape after GEJ is declared President. But who controls the road, the seaport and the airport now? My guess is as good as yours.

Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and his supporters passed through untold pain and suffering, not in the hands of an Hausa or Yoruba man but in the hands of his Niger Delta brothers. And like Jesus Christ, he ran to Egypt because the Harod of the time was determined to kill him. And today, the stone that was rejected and persecuted is now the Chief Conner Stone...that's how God works.
Those who do not know the challenges and sufferings of Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State will call him a betrayer. I saw and witnessed his travails, agony and the episode that played out in Rivers State. I tested it  and I can tell of it.