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RIVERS DEATH LIST: WHO IS NEXT? - By Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi

Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi Writes from Port Harcourt

That is the unnerving question hanging over the people of Rivers state after the latest assassination of  Barr. Ken Atsuete.
The sobering and miserable aspect of this question that haunts Rivers people is that the answer is “it might be you”. The simple fact is that there is no end in sight to the tragic and senseless assassinations like that carried out recently on the shores of the state that ended the life of Bar. Ken Atsuete. More are expected. The sad and terrible reality is that this acts of senseless killing on innocent people because of perceived opposition would not be ending anytime soon by people who call themselves leaders.

we all know this politicians are doing nothing to ease the persistent threat of more murderous rampages in the future, Instead they sit back in their offices without any scrap of compassion, not a scintilla of regard and no sense whatsoever of shared humanity.

The Murder of Barr. Ken Atsuete is purely political, I stand to be corrected. Opposition is now a crime in Rivers state as assassination now becomes punishment for vocal opposition; We cannot say this too nicely: Rivers totters towards anarchy. The desperadoes among politicians seem to love their people, their supporters, to (the supporters’) death! And they, these desperate, mindless usurpers of lives and wills, have engineered exactly the dire conditions that enable them to have a steady supply of people to waste in pursuit of their depraved political goals. Thanks to the Olympian greed of a few among us, Rivers has long become a shell of a polity, a space where (don’t even mention optimism) hope is an endangered species.

In such a space, there abound millions of the dispossessed whose specialty is to strike others dead – or to die trying – for a fee. In exchange for some pittance, ample swills of ogogoro, and a rolled joint, these thugs-for-hire are willing to kill or be killed, ready to lay ambush or be the targets of one, available to disguise themselves as police or soldiers in order to swoop down on polling booths, sweep up ballot boxes, and disappear. Rendered destitute by visionless, vicious political grubbers, these indigents subsist on perverse prayers. And, for them, there’s no prayer more perverse or urgent than a wish that an electoral season may roll around. For then, politicians would require their services as bullies and killers of an opposing politician’s people, else as corpses-in-waiting.

We need to start holding people responsible for their deeds. Under our laws, a state governor is the chief security officer of his state. The constitution expects him to take necessary steps to sufficiently protect lives and property of the people in his state, before, during and after elections.

 What happens when the chief security officer turns himself into the chief thug of his party to lead the do-or-die battle to secure a win for his party at all cost?
These acts of horrendous violence raise many questions, not least of which is how we resolve the underlying issues that spawn such heartless murder and attacks. There will be no easy answers and there is no quick fix. The killing will sadly continue as sure as night follows day. That brings us back to the question “WHO IS NEXT??”. So my advice to Rivers people is to sit back and secure the life of their families until the time comes to correct this gravely mistake that was imposed on the state.
Late Barr. Ken Asuete

Written by Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi