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In a rather unfortunate twist, there are indications that The Governor of Rivers stalte Nyesome Wike , has turned a "bully" , a friend of the Captain Elechi family Ibiso Grace wrote to crystal news today, her letter reads :

"Wike has taken his Violent and Bullying Character, to the family of Late Elder-statesman, Captain Elechi Amadi. The ongoing war of words between the governor of Rivers State and the bereaved family is most uncalled for and regrettable.

The bereaved family, through herlla spokesperson, has publicly stated in strongest terms, her opposition to whatever burial plans the governor and his government are upto, vehemently rejecting the composition of a burial committee setup by the governor.
However, governor Wike has gone ahead to name and inaugurate what he tagged as "Late Capt. Elechi Amadi State Burial Committee", he charged the committee to work and warned the family to cooperate with the committee.
The seeming shameful imbroglio, is brewing tension in Alu-Ikwere community of Rivers, the home of the late literary icon.

Why is governor Wike so violently controversial?
Must everything be done as it pleases you?
Must Wike turn his bullying attitude to everyone and every situation?
Is Wike as sick as he looks?

As we look on, let's see how far Wike's "emperor-like" style will go, in this desperation to snatch the burial of a man, as against the wish and wills of the bereaved family.
I hope it doesn't turnout like the infamous "Port-Harcourt PDP failed conventions?

Yours Faithfully,

Ibiso Grace Briggs