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How Did We Make This Deadly Mistake??

It is the fools Sheep that breaks loose twice – An African Proverb.

The above proverb represents the collective will of the people in Rivers State, the State known as the Garden city that has long metamorphosed into a garbage city due to dismal mismanagement of our collective resources by a group fostered on us by violence since April 11, 2015.

 The people had bargained for a better deal from the then Governorship candidate Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) when we, in our collective ignorance decided to do away with what we had, by letting them get away with their 2015 “April fool”.

With active backing of the PDP, the electorate were hood-winked into the then opposition’s desperate bid to make a demon out of Hon. Rotimi Amaechi and his administration, while in the process warming its ways into the peoples’ heart with the popular propaganda “Our Brother Syndrome”.

Today, myself, like everyone living in Rivers State, now know better. The monster that the PDP represents in the state has come of age, baring its fangs and attacking all real and imaginary opposition figures with the ferocity of a wounded lion.

Like a military Dictator, whether in service or out of it, Gov. Wike has no patience with any form of opposition to his administration. As a matter of fact, were it not for democratic decorum, the opposition ought to be crushed with all the might at the disposal of his administration.

With the state civil servants safely in his pocket, Wike’s government have deliberately left the state treasury open for unrestricted access by members of his kitchen cabinet and prominent chieftains of his party, by hiding the state budget and playing an undending host to irrelevant ceremonies in the state.

The beneficiaries of wike’s open-handedness have suddenly become over-night millionaires including the illiterates and road–side vulcanizers who by accident of focuslessness found themselves at the corridors of power as Special Advisers and Executive Assistants to Governor Nyesom Wike.

With what could be observed so far, a rational political observer can infer that the ruling party in Rivers State is one that celebrates mediocrity to high heavens, where party loyalty is rewarded at the expense of merit.

In a desperate bid to satisfy the greed for material wealth, the local government councils’ allocations from the federation accounts is being pilfered at will by the Wike’s administration.

The brazen plundering of our collective resources have continued and the masses have equally continue to wallow in abject poverty as the circle still moves till date.

As if that was not enough, the government have turned its attention on the opposition, fight the harmless lots with the ammunition in its arsenal including harassment and intimidation in a desperate bid to cow the members into submission, like his cousin Bar. Tasie Wike just did.

Few weeks before the April 2015 general elections witnessed the bearing of its anger against the opposition as there were reported cases of arrests, detentions, attacks and maiming of members of opposition across Rivers state.

Cache of arms were believed to have found its ways into the state, no thanks again, to the chieftains of his party who executed the do-or-die command pronounced by only God knows whom. Violence have Continued in the state with a Huge number of chieftains of the APC being hunted down on a daily basis, even myself is not guaranteed of safety as I am writing this piece.

My prayer is for God to save us from this calamitous mistake made in 2015.

Ezebunwo Clifford Omachi Writes From Port Hracourt.


  1. it's so unfortunate how Rivers state have turned into a slaughter house overnihgt. we need Gods intervention.

  2. When will this APC media Bigots stop spoiling the name of our dear Governor. we voted him into power. #Wike_till_2023