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Concerned indigenes of Nkoro  Opobo/Nkoro in Rivers state, have accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ONOLGA chapter of having pact with lies. Their press statement reads :

The attention of the CONCERNED OPOBO/NKORO indigenes has been drawn to a recent interview granted by the Caretaker committee chairman of Opobo/Nkoro LGA, Mr. Adonye Diri.. Although we are not surprised by the lies rolled out by the CTC chairman Mr. Diri. Ordinarily, we would have ignored this deceitful act, but for the greater interest of the public, it is important to set the records straight.

Hon. Diri had in his radio interview claimed thus;

1. The LGA does not have public toilets for the past 12yrs and he has built and completed some.

2. The LGA had been in abject darkness as a result of failed generators and lack of diesel and has alleviated the sufferings by providing these items.

We wonder what the CTC boss meant by "no public toilets in the LGA and he has built some". We can sense a battle between morality and wickedness. How can Mr. Diri tell such a lie? From St. Paul's Church to Ogolo's water front and down to Opobo new layout are public toilets scattered all over. Must he score "cheap" political points by telling lies? He is occupying a position of trust and certain things are not expected of him. Our advice to him is to stop forthwith, with lies and say the truth for morality sake.

The LGA chairman further claimed that the LGA had been in abject darkness as a result of failed generators and diesel and has made provision for the people of the area. Why is he blowing empty trumpets? Why? If there was an issue of failed generators, it is as a result of their poor administration prowess. The two (2) CTC chairmen before him (Adonye) destroyed virtually everything in the council (the generators inclusive). Samuel Bennet diverted funds meant for the maintenance of those generators and Eli Leggjack after betraying Chibuike Amaechi, refused to contribute the #50million given to him for the March 19 rerun election and this hampered his reappointment as the CTC chairman. As at the time APC manned the affairs of the LGA, the generators were in good condition and light was not an issue. If the previous CTC's before his advent had destroyed the generating sets, it is not something he should portray in a way to seem as if APC had a hand in it. They destroyed and they repaired so no big deal.

We call on the LGA boss to desist from his DRUNKEN NATURE and concern himself with the provision of the necessary amenities and also put a stop to his failed efforts to score cheap political points and save the LGA of any further embarrassment..


George Friday Obie-Cookey, For & on behalf of Concerned Opobo/Nkoro Indegenes.