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Politics is the art of competing for influence on the plans and the directions of society. Ideology is the set of values that drives the social, moral, sovereign, and economic views and ideals of a nation. Personality is the framework of manner and the primary human differentiator.

Personality is the foundation of ideology; ideology is the driving force of politics. These three concepts are the building blocks of effective leadership and successful civil societies. Politics without ideology is a fraud, and a politician without personality is the ideal scam artist. The lack of personality and political ideology explains the past corrupt and present failed leadership.

Nigerians politicians have replaced personality and ideology with followership of former leaders. Today’s politicians are a full-scale replica of their idolized leaders. They assume the symbols of the past leaders with the hope it will make them effective leaders. The reality is that no amount of political cloning can transform the masquerades into who or what they are not.

The pretenders are not half as successful as their idols who failed to build a cohesive nation with a consistent central ideology. We cannot erase the fact that our past leaders failed to create a roadmap for the future success of the country. Be it as it may, today's politicians make a saint of our past leaders.

The political clones are a huge waste of opportunity and a problem to the society. They deny the society the rise of effective political operators with flawless identity and sound political ideology. The political pretenders draw the community backward and cause the people a lot of socio-economic pains.

It is reasonable that those who suffers a want of personality and ideology must masquerade as achievers to gain political visibility. I am happy in my skin; I am not a pupil of any present or past leader. My personality, ideology, and politics is self-evident. I believe in free civil society, equal opportunity for all, a limited and efficient center, proper discharge of public duty, and nativity by birth and residence.

The lack of personality and ideology explains turning one of world’s fastest growing economy and Africa’s largest into a beggar nation, and the house of hunger and tears. It also reveals the desires to suspend or relax laws, budget padding, plagiarism, human rights abuse, treasury looting, greed, and the dependence on external help to solve the national questions. The identity and ideology crisis is the reason our president is panhandling world leaders for $14 billion to rebuild the North East and revamp Lake Chad region.

It is very painful to see how the lack of personality and ideology turned our nation into a shameless global beggar. What exactly will it take for the political masquerades to know there is nowhere to turn when you slip on the hill? When will the pretenders know to look within for the answers they seek abroad?  The point simply is this, the personality and the political ideology of leaders determine public performance and national relevance.