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Residence of Agip Estate Cry Out Over Delapidated Road Project

Residence of Agip Federal housing estate Rumueme in Port Harcourt have cried about the poor condition of the road leading to their various houses in the estate.
In this report our correspondent Chinedu Obiano gathered that it is as a failure of the contractor handling the road to meet up to the expectation of the residence in the Estate. the road repair project awarded to a particular construction Company by the NDDC is reportedly causing chaos in the Estate. landlords and tenants in the estate pointed out the following roads: Road 3, 4, 5, and 6 are in a mess after the said road repair work.

Residence in the estate are now calling on the MD, Project monitoring and supervision team of the NDDC to do their work and inspect the above mentioned roads been repaired in AGIP Federal Housing Estate Port Harcourt.

Speaking to residents in the estate, some of them have this to say:

“We constantly pray that it should not rain, because if it does, then we are doomed. We thought that NDDC should have left the road as it was rather than award the project to an incompetent contractor, using a substandard material for the road repair; it’s now a night mare driving through these roads.

“We are just passing through this hell because the contractor refused to do his work,” Rufus Ayasie, a landlord in the area told our correspondent.

Meanwhile others have criticized the contractors handling the project, a resident who gave his name as Monday, said he is unhappy “If you know you cannot handle a project, then why bid for it?.
We don’t have any alternative routes, my car sunk on the mud poured on the road, you can imagine working three days and repairing your car the remaining days of the week, I strongly believe that this contractor just pour mud, grade it and pour condemn oil on top of the mud”.

The landlords have already made their plans known, they are giving NDDC to the 27th of September to call the contractor to order. failure to abide by this they threatened  to  file a petition to the SGF and the EFCC.

The landlords have appointed a 7 man committee that will be going to Abuja to see the Secretary to the Government of the Federation in respect of this matter. According to them, The road needs serious attention, the seven man committee have already taken videos of the roads and are ready to file a petition to the SGF and EFCC against NDDC and the contractor.
They also promised to make pictures and videos of the poorly repaired road available to all media houses in the country.

A stitch in time saves nine, NDDC we need your immediate attention.

Concerned LandLords and Tenants of AGIP HOUSING ESTATE Port Harcourt, Rivers State.