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By Priestly Nna

The Achievements of  Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, as Governor of Rivers State from 2007 - 2015 are monumental and near unsurpassable.

Amaechi came on board as Governor with a feasible blueprint and clearly spelt out goals and he went about these religiously.
During his inaugural speech after he was sworn in as Governor of Rivers State, he reeled out some of his plans for Rivers State. Eight years after, almost all the promises he made to Rivers People in that speech were fulfilled despite the aggressive political onslaught by the powers that be, he had to deal with.

Amaechi went about governance with a rare kind of approach; quite a departure from the usual kind of 'Chop I Chop' mentality. For him, governance was a serious business and he gave it the seriousness and transparency it deserved.
Part of what contributed to Amaechi's success as Governor of Rivers State, was his ability to drive and pursue certain government policies with vigour and determination. For instance, those who have lived in Port Harcourt for at least 15 years now, would recall how narrow most roads in the State were. Houses advanced into the roads and contributed to its narrowness. But Amaechi summoned the Political will and resolve to expand these roads against all odds. People complained but he continued undeterred. Today, if you ever drive through Ada- George road, Rumuola Road, Ikwerre Road, NTA/Mgbougba Road, etc, you would appreciate the beauty of that Resilience.

It is on record that Amaechi's government alone constructed/rehabilitated more roads than all other governments  in Rivers State put together. Now beat that!

Amaechi  is an Achiever and a Progressionist. His progressivism drove him to make enduring  and unprecedented achievements in all areas and sectors of governance.
Here is an overview of some of his achievements;

Health: built new world class hospitals, primary health centres, massive recruitment and training of nurses and doctors.

Education: proposed 750 Model Primary Schools, Completed 500, built 24 model secondary schools, transformed RSUST to an enviable institution, etc

Employment: reduced unemployment drastically. Employed in almost all sectors of government.

Agriculture: built the Songhai farm, Buguma fish farm, Banana plantations, Oil palm development, Rubber development, etc

Security: Inherited a battered security when he became governor in 2007 but improved security drastically in less than 3 months in office.

Scholarships: over 1072 overseas and 50 local scholarships.

Others include: 25 bridges, two major interchanges, flyovers, building of two new power stations, land reclamations, etc.

With these, the Rivers State Government is now faced with the mountainous task of having the need, the very necessary need to excel the performances of Amaechi.
 In all Honesty, my thinking is that it would take only another "Amaechi" to surpass this high records.

Government ordinarily, should be progressional. Advancing from one state to another one better than the previous. That is what governance should represent.
Here in Rivers State, the present government will now go about governance with seriousness and responsibility if it must leave any meaningful legacies behind.
This is no mean task. But this, it must do if it must not be held in public opprobrium.
It is a burden which the government must carry. And how it carrys it would determine how its scorecard would look like.

My submissions to the Governor Wike led Administration is for them to consolidate on the achievements of Amaechi. Denying the obvious fact that he had performed very well will not confer any advantage on the present government.
The easiest way out this box occasioned by Amaechi's high performance, is to at least maintain the level of governance Amaechi left behind. And this can only be done by improving on the achievements already on ground.

Government is a continuum. It has a responsibility to consolidate on good policies and programs. It has nothing to do with political parties. What drives every good government are good programs and policies not political parties.

Lest I forget, it was Amaechi who employed over 13,000 Teachers in one fell swoop.
If your sibling, spouse, mother, father or friends benefitted  from that massive employment, I think you owe Amaechi a 'thank you.'

Priestley Nna writes from Port Harcourt.