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The "Rivers government Amnesty program", is an evil and criminal conspiracy, between the principal actors of the "Rivers political violence/killings" and governor Nyesom Wike. The actual motive, is to shield and protect all those that were used
to orchestrate the bloodiest ascension to the seat of power, ever witnessed in the entire political history of Rivers State.
Those targeted and captured by the so-called "Rivers amnesty", are persons already declared wanted by the Nigerian police/military authorities. They are criminal culprits, directly connected and implicated in several reported politically motivated murder cases, assassinations and arsons of very high degrees.
You will recollect that, in the lawsuit filled by Wike, against the relocation of the Rivers election tribunal from Port-Harcourt to Abuja, "Wike/PDP VS DAKUKU/APC", the learned Justices of the Supreme Court, did emphatically state and clearly held in her judgement that, "Rivers State was like a theater of war in the periods before, during and after the 2015 general elections and that the life of judiciary workers cannot be put at risk, hence it was right and lawful to have relocated the Rivers Election Tribunals to Abuja".
That judgement, was a perfect summarization and reflection of what truly transpired in Rivers State. It then simply means that, no meaningful election would've held in a place where the Supreme Court, by their judgement, confirmed that "human life was not safe", but at perpetual risk. It is on record that well over one-hundred(100) persons or more, may have died, with several hundreds of others injured and properties worth millions of Naira, destroyed within the said period in Rivers state.
The worst case scenario in this regard, is a situation where the so-called amnesty beneficiaries are still killing, kidnapping and attacking those they perceive as enemies to the incumbent governor, while the police/security agents remains aloof.
Recently, Wike's amnesty beneficiaries and intending beneficiaries alike, assassinated Barr, Kenneth Atsuete, the famous Rivers APC's foremost lawyer and Hon. Boris Neewi, an APC stalwart.
The "Rivers amnesty committee", has on several occasions lamented her frustration and expressed doubts/disappointment, stating publicly that the types of arms and ammunitions been submitted/surrendered by these dreaded killers, armed robbers, cultists and kidnappers, as they show-up to accept the 'rogue amnesty', is not commensurate to the type of sophisticated weaponry, they have been using to wreck havoc on Rivers people.
The boys in their large numbers, come out from their hideouts(camps) with a few locally made guns and cutlasses, after they have properly concealed their sophisticated weapons. They deceptively appear in public to accept the said amnesty, which instantly earns them Wike's "state pardon", and automatically shields them from the law, which by extension protects them from any form of arrest or prosecution by law enforcement agents, no matter the crime they may have committed.
Apparently, the security agents, before now, acting upon series of complains and petitions, had swung into action, thereby successfully catching up with and closing-in on many of the big actors/perpetrators of the Rivers political killings/violence,  with many of the kingpins already "declared wanted", such as Igwe Dibia Ejima aka "Don Wani" and Solomon Ndebgara aka "Bin-Ladin". Then, the only way-out for them, becomes the 'rogue amnesty', after they have been investigated and found liable for the killing of many innocent souls, to the benefit of Nyesom Wike.
Therefore, it must be known to all, that governor Wike purposely designed and programmed the 'Rivers amnesty' for cultist, kidnappers, armed robbers, many of whom had already been investigated and found to be directly linked to series of crimes for which the police/military has declared them wanted, thereby shield these confirmed criminals from the eyes of the law and law enforcement authorities. 
As such, "Rivers amnesty" as put in place by governor Wike, is simply a deceit and a criminal conspiracy between the governor and those he used to violently climb unto the seat of power.
It is common knowledge that Nyesom Wike violently & forcefully became governorship flag-bearer of our party(PDP). He worked in concert with Mrs Patience Jonathan and Bro. Felix Obuah to snatch a gubernatorial ticket that was zoned/meant for the Rivers "Riverine people". They empowered and deployed  numerous cult groups, activated all reachable criminals and militants to intimidate and bully the then National leadership of our party and also bullied on the entire members of Rivers PDP, an action in clear disregard to the opinion and desire of our leader, H.E. Ebele Jonathan.
Our party members(gubernatorial aspirants), who attempted to protest or resist Wike at any point in time, were brazenly beaten-up, brutalized and secretly threatened to submission.
In connivance with compromised security agencies and the then Rivers REC(Gesila Khan), who is now facing criminal charges for bribery/corruption connected to electoral fraud in Rivers state. Election results were fabricated/concocted in favor of Wike/PDP in Rivers State, while a conglomeration of cult groups, militants & dreaded criminal gangs were adequately activated and mobilized to unleash terror on anyone or group that attempted to challenge what was going on.
However, as expected, after the elections, the cult groups and criminal gangs became emboldened in their nefarious acts, which culminated to the heightened insecurity that has engulfed Rivers state till date. Upon assumption of office, all attempts by Wike(Rivers PDP) to secretly disarm these groups and characters he used to orchestrate the worst political violence in the entire history of Rivers State, couldn't materialize. Not even the juicy political positions and contracts he gave to the kingpins of these criminals and gangs, could change a thing. Amnesty(state pardon) to the criminals, became the option, since he doesn't posses the will power to fight them, simply because they are his associates and loyalist.
If the President Buhari led federal government continue to look the other way, and Wike is allowed to succeed completely with this ongoing evil plot, Rivers state will continue to remain under siege by state government created/sponsored cult gangs and militant groups as it is now. While the same scenario that played out in 2014/2015 in Rivers state will definitely repeat again by 2018/2019 elections, and might even take a worst dimension, more than what we had in the past, because if the feelers we are getting, that the Rivers APC is now planning to adopt/execute the same violent approach Wike used and still using, then Rivers State will become a bloody battle ground by the next elections.
It is worthy to note that, If not for the vigilance of Governor Adams Oshomole, Wike almost succeeded in exporting his model of electoral violence to Edo State during their recently held gubernatorial election, Just like he did during the Bayelsa election.
I wonder why this would be happening, irrespective of the fact that the incumbent president, on assumption of office, acknowledged the political killings and violences that enveloped Rivers state, which he promised to look into and bring the perpetrators to book.
On the other hand, going by the manner, in which the president Buhari led federal government tackled and fought the BokoHaram, IPOB and NDA security menaces, one begins to wonder why the Rivers state case of political insurgence would be treated differently!!
Why didn't President Buhari give amnesty to BokoHaram, IPOB & NDA terrorists/militants, as seen in Rivers state?
I use this medium to remind and call on President Muhamadu Buhari to live up to his promise regards 'Rivers political violence'. I also beckon on the DSS, Police and the military to urgently rise up to the occasion in Rivers State and checkmate this evil design called "Rivers  amnesty program", by desperate governor Wike, whose violent tactics is common knowledge to all and sundry.
Ibiso Grace Briggs wrote