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The incumbent governor of Rivers State is grossly incompetent.
Amaechi this, Amaechi that!! Leave Amaechi alone and face the governance which you desperately grabbed on the altar of many innocent blood, against the blessing of then President and our leader of PDP, H.E GEJ.
Amaechi supported you to become Obio-Apko LGA Chairman;
Amaechi Appointed you as his campaign DG;
Amaechi as governor appointed you as his Chief of Staff;
Amaechi nominated you to become a minister;

Amaechi's only sin against you, is that he won't support your bloody ambition to succeed him, because that would be unfair to the people of other ethnic nationalities that makeup Rivers, being that you are his kinsman. This one of the area i agree with the former governor. Now that you grabbed the governorship position, using the then federal might, you have grossly failed in all areas of meaningful governance.

Wike has failed woefully in the area of health care. Abandoning the various health centers built in all twenty-three(23) LGA's by the immediate past government to dilapidate and now become dens for wild reptiles; while the academic & non-academic health workers are left without salaries for several months; ranging between 6-12months.
The good people of Rivers State would never forget so soon, how those health centers built by Rotimi Amaechi saved the life of many and provided healthcare for the average/poor citizens, which in most cases, was free for children and the aged people. Today, Wike abandoned these edifices to decay for no justifiable reason.

Wike has failed woefully in the area of education. The abolishment of "free education" from our public schools, remains one of the most uncharitable wicked actions of Wike against the Rivers people. The decision to introduce several arbitrary fees into public schools, was very unpopular and a thousand steps backwards. Wike has canceled and failed to fund educational scholarships since he assumed office. The present Rivers government as led by Wike, is getting to two(2) years in office, yet they've failed to construct/complete one(1) single school and has abandoned well over one hundred(100) schools, constructed by the last administration, which were all at various stages of completion.
Instead of this government to pursue the completion of these schools and provide enabling environment for basic education, they are busy chasing shadows and have also allowed the well over one-hundred and fifty functional model primary schools to decay, lacking adequate maintenance and upgrade. Teachers and non-academy(security staffs) of our public schools are been owed salaries for several months, resulting to incessant strikes and protests. The failure of Wike in the educational sector is monumental and heavily regrettable.

Wike has failed in the area of Agriculture. Nothing to show. Zero performance. Rather, the incumbent abandoned the huge banana plantation built by Amaechi and used his cronies to set same ablaze, sold off the fish farms and other agricultural infrastructures put in place by the past administration. The highly applauded and world standard resource generating agricultural establishment, RSSDA has been completely ripped apart and allowed to decay, with staffs of this once prided organization, allowed to remain moribund, with over one year of unpaid salaries.

Wike has failed in the Transport Sector. Another area with zero performance. The only achievement is the reintroduction of multifarious task-forces(touts), in replay of his days as Obio-Akpo LGA chairman. The gain is the daily harassment of innocent members of the public and the recent reintroduction of traffic lights, at a whooping contract cost of N6.5bn, secretly awarded to a company belonging to Felix Obuah.

Wike's government and tenure has remained a wild nightmare to Rivers indigenes and dwellers alike. Wike depicts insecurity!!
However, the Wike's recent claim, that Amaechi is behind the insecurity in Rivers state, is the biggest lie of this century and a dirty joke, hoping to score a cheap political mark, though not even his father, wife and children, will believe him or listen to that trash as excuse for the heightened insecurity in our dear state. However, it is incredible to hear this twist of story from a siting governor, who had always proclaimed that, the story of "Rivers insecurity" is a propaganda of the APC, being blown out of proportion and that Rivers State is peaceful, except for pockets of cult clashes.

So now, the insecurity, which the masses had been screaming is true?

Wike is loyally associated to all the infamous militants, criminals and cultists within Rivers State and Niger Delta. He is their greatest patron and source of inspiration as rightly alleged by governor Adams Oshomole recently and his erstwhile-friend, Ali Modu Sheriff.
Wike's romance with Ateke Tom, Dagogo Farah, Soboma Jackris, Solomon Ndebara, Martins Manna, Don Wani, Samuel Nwanosike and their likes, is the reason behind "Rivers of Insecurity".
The governors' recent claim, that Amaechi is behind "Rivers insecurity" is a big lie and a thrash. Such statement clearly depicts incompetence. He can no longer control the monsters he created. This simply means that he has failed in his primary responsibility as enshrined in the oath of office which he took.

In conclusion, Mr, Wike is a disastrous failure in government that will remain painfully indelible, in the minds of Rivers people for many years to come.
Wike is the worst governor of Rivers State ever".