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King Edward and Dr Sokonte 

The Executive Director, Marine and Operations, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Dr. Sokonte Davies and top management staff met with the King of Grand Bonny, HRM King Edward Asimini William Dappa-Pepple and other stakeholders over environmental concerns raised by the inhabitants of Bonny Kingdom

King Edward with NPA Delegates 

The Amayanabo of Bonny who described Dr. Sokonte Davies as an upright person and one he can vouch for any day however felt disappointed at the neglect of the Bonny Kingdom for the past years as there has been no major support or intervention by the Nigerian Ports Authority despite their several operations in the area.

Responding to the King Dr. Sokonte apologized on behalf of the NPA and expressed optimism that the new management under the leadership of Hadiza Bala Usman will correct the wrongs and partner with the Bonny people to drive the development process as there are plans on ground to kick start the execution of projects. One of such projects is the Port Reception Facility
Cross Section of NPA Staff led by Dr Sokonte Davies , ED Marine Operations

Olajide Oluwayemi Speaking on behalf of the Port Reception Facility operators said Having provided facilities in Lagos, Warri, Calabar and Port Harcourt, what is intended for Bonny is a solid waste recycling plant that would manage waste that constitutes nuisance in the marine environment. “Most vessels that come to Bonny rather discharge their waste into the sea on their way back which eventually comes back to the Bonny environment. The same is true for local contractors who collect such waste from vessel operators at some stipends without a means of properly managing the waste” he added.

The General manager, Health, Safety & Environments, Yusuf Ahmed stressed on the importance of the Bonny terminal as the gateway to the ports in Port Harcourt and Onne and as such showed confidence in the leadership of Sokonte Davies and Hadiza Bala Usman to promptly address the challenges facing the Bonny Waterways by kick starting the project.

The said project will ensure that all waste on Bonny Island comes to the facility at no cost, employ more people from the Island, reduce the negative environmental impact, improve the aesthetics of the shore line and Bonny having a good natural beach can be developed to a tourist site that will attract more people to the kingdom. Other multinational companies on the island will also benefit from the project. Having considered the benefits of the world class facility to the people of Bonny, the King lauded the project and said he is in total support of it as this is in line with his vision for Bonny Kingdom.

The ED, Marine and Operations, NPA, also paid a courtesy call to representatives of the Bonny Environment Consultants Committee. Prof. Edward Bristol-Alagbariya speaking for the committee, said an average Bonny man welcomes development into the Kingdom but places so much emphasis on the impact of any project on their environment. The last meeting was held with critical stakeholders of the Bonny Kingdom led by Barr. Edward Pepple. They gave their support and asked that local and indigenous people with significant expertise be considered during the execution of the projects.
The meeting rekindled hope and rebuilt confidence between the NPA and Bonny, one of its operational base.