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The Six-Year-Old Poluticians

What is happening with politics in the States and on a global scale?

Imagine you are a six year old in a schoolyard. Fenced in, contained, under the rule of bullies and the authorities. Mull over the idea that the old patriarchal paradigm was put in place and is run by six-year-olds. The reality is the authorities have grown-up bodies, but their brains are still functioning as a six-year-old. Let me explain.

Your Brain and the Old Paradigm

Neural programs are put in place by the time you are six-years-old and determine 95% of your actions. According to molecular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, you have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is one million times more powerful in processing information than the conscious mind. In addition, the subconscious mind controls your behavior about 95% of the time.

Your subconscious generates 40 million nerve impulses per second and operates during 95% of the day, while your conscious mind fires 40 nerve impulses per second and runs for only 5% of the day. Do the math; your subconscious programming controls your life unless you change it.

Everything you learn in the first six years is absorbed and becomes your fundamental truth. That means, what ever your family, culture, race and religion believed and practiced is neurologically wired in your body.

When you recognize that almost everyone is functioning from programs that were set down by the age of six, you can start to see the world with a new perspective. As you realize that government, most businesses and corporations are run by six-year-olds who are basing their actions on fear, you have a tremendous advantage. The implications this knowledge is astounding.

Remember when you were six, playing on the school playground? The six-year-old bullies in the schoolyard are running the government and the economy. Everyone is afraid of them. The government agencies adjust their policies to keep the bullies happy. The bullies are the big corporations, Wall Street, politicians, and the old patriarchal paradigm.

At the moment six-year-old bullies are continually stirring up trouble to overrun humanity. The puffed up bullies belittle others so they feel better about themselves. Instead of facing inner shame and disrespect they take it out on everyone else. The big bullies are really the cowards who don't have the courage to see what is lurking inside their body and mind. It is much easier to spew rage, hatred and anger than it is to grow up.

Do you want a six-year-old running your life?

Humanity is at a turning point. We can leave the six-year-old bullies behind and move onto a new playing field. The oppressors are currently getting more violent, abusive and controlling. Escape the cracked hot cement playground surrounded by chain link fences with barbed wire on top. Leave the guards at the gate. What will happen when a critical mass of people graduate, and the only ones left on the old playground are the bullies?

For this to happen, you have to consciously change the neural pathways in your brain and body. As you shift your thoughts and actions from fear to love, your body and world start to change. What would it be like to change the script of your life from fear to pleasure and love? To shift from anger into joy, delight and play? What would your life look like?

Rather than fight the old paradigm, create the new paradigm.

We are at a crossroads. We can continue down the path of war, hatred, greed and violence and obliterate ourselves. Or we can create a new paradigm.

How do you want the new paradigm to look? How is it different from the old worldview? If you choose, you can upgrade to a completely different playground. Your lifestyle, finances and business will evolve to a higher frequency of love, abundance and joy.

Create a different kind of life than you've ever seen before. Open to new possibilities and expand into fuller brain and body function. Allow your creativity to fly beyond the limits and splash across the page. Deep inside your intuition and wisdom, in the land of the unknown, is where the answers are found to create the new paradigm.

Step up.

It's time to create a new life and game on earth.

Your part is needed.

Take action, NOW, before it's too late!

Dr. Cynthia Miller