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The Woman Princess Halliday

The Woman Princess Halliday

By Sussan Green

Professor Princess Halliday in her twenties,continuously makes Nigeria proud with her extraordinary accomplishments. A Professor and guest lecturer of ethics to graduate students at California State University Northridge, she significantly reinforces the fact that young ladies can be carriers of great initiative and that beauty really can equate to leadership.

Professor Princess Halliday today received a prestigious citation and Award from the Canadian Federal Government for her extraordinary Leadership to Africa.

She is the Founder of Empower Africa Initiative and a guest lecturer to graduate students at California State University- Princess Halliday is invited to speak on corruption at the house of Commons London at the care of the MP Helen Grant (Maidstone & The Weald) House of Commons -orchestrated by Mr Alistair Soyode the owner of BEN Television London on the bid to tackle corruption in Nigeria. Princess Halliday spoke extensively on the need for public officials in Africa to be Responsible administrators keeping in mind that public officials are citizens with responsibilities emanating from two sources..they are professionals and they have fiduciary obligations. “Public officials must developed skills in thinking more systematically about the values and principles embedded in their choices than they do when they make choices based on practical or political ground”- PRINCESS HALLIDAY

In 2014, She earned a Leadership training from Harvard University known as Communicating with Influence-The Art of Persuasion.She has a degree in Leadership from Woodbury University. Determined to revolutionize the understanding of Leadership as Africa Knows it, Halliday frequently strengthens the need for mindsets to be Empowered.

Professor Princess Halliday hosted the 2014 Miss Commonwealth International Pageant in the UK.She also served Rivers state as a special media and image consultant to wife of the Governor of Rivers State at the time, Dame Judith Amaechi.

Professor Princess Halliday along with women from Rivers state visited Morocco for the World Leaders Summit/Crans Montana Female Leadership Forum in Rabat Morroco where she met the President of Malta,President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca- the youngest female to assume the office of the President, and her Chief of Staff Mr John Camilleri.

We must sit at the table, we must shift the paradigm and change the culture, we must understand that beauty equates to Leadership and young people ( boys and girls) are carriers of Great Initiative-Princess Halliday stated.

~Sussan Green-
Consultant Commonwealth