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Apc Intend To Name Gov Wike , Obuah As Masterminds Of Rerun Killings : PDP

Apc Intend  To Name Gov Wike , Obuah As Masterminds Of Rerun Killings : PDP

Rivers state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), claims to have uncovered plot by APC  to tie Gov Wike, Felix Obuah to the killings recorded during the last rerun election.
Press statement released by the Special Adviser Media to the state chairman Pastor Jerry Neidam claims that the All Progressive Congress (APC) want to tie Governor Wike and Bro Felix Obuah to the Gun men that caused havoc during the last election. He also claimed the APC have pointed PDP for the alleged killings, particularly the murder of ASP Molid Alkali and his orderly.

In his words " These hatchet men, who are being mobilized, will in turn be accused by their paymasters, the APC chairman, and his co-plotters, will be arrested with arms and ammunitions, and upon interrogation, they will falsely admit that they were sent to carry out the alleged killings by Governor Wike and Bro Obuah ". He further said " But let it be known that one thing is to make wild allegations and quite another, to prove and be able to stand the dire consequences of such unfounded, baseless, concocted, and malicious allegations.

In conclusion , Pastor Jerry , claimed the police is aware, but haven't done anything yet to take any positive action against the ruling All progressive congress.