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Dakuku Adol Peterside, : the Past, The Present And The Future.

Dakuku Adol Peterside, :
the Past, The Present And The Future.

Priestley Nna.
Dr Dakuku Peterside DG NIMASA

Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, is one story you can never exhaust in a single piece. An Enigma, an Intellectual force and a High Achiever, Dr. Peterside has served in various  capacities, both within and outside the political circles of Rivers State. He remains a prominent figure and a recurrent character in matters of the State.

In his early thirties, In 2002, he was appointed CTC chairman of Opobo/Nkoro LGA. His high performance and developmental strides fetched him the award of the most outstanding Local Government Chairman by the then Governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odili. He was also a Special Assistant to Governor Peter Odili on Students Matters and later, Special Assistant on Works.

Records reveal that the Amaechi government undertook more projects than all previous governments in the State put together. As a Commissioner of Works under Governor Amaechi, Dr. Peterside was on the spotlight and performed commendably well. He helped his Boss, Governor Amaechi achieve massively in the areas of infrastructural development. Within this period he also did not fail to build human capacity, he made sure younger persons around him and across the State benefited positively and immensely through his office. It is also important to point out that before serving as Commissioner of Works, he had earlier served as the Executive Director of Development and Leadership Institute.

In 2011, Dakuku Adol Peterside was elected into the House of Representatives to represent the Andoni/Opobo- Nkoro Federal Constituency. Being well exposed and armed to the teeth with the essential skills and tact from previous engagements, his stay in the Green Chambers witnessed unprecedented representation for his constituents. He was a loud voice and attracted numerous projects to his constituency. As the Chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Dr. Adol was in the forefront of activities that regulated the Nations number one and largest source of revenue. He also served adequately well in different other House Committees such as Industry, National Ethics and Values, Works,
Anti-corruption,  Communications and Electoral Matters.

His accomplishments and passion for success stood him out, and in 2014 he was picked for a higher calling as his Party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, settled for him via primaries to fly the Party's flag in the 2015 General Elections as the Governorship candidate of the Party in Rivers State. Unfortunately, he never truly got the opportunity to test his popularity at the polls or be voted for by Rivers People as the election was alloyed with the highest level of violence, shenanigans, deceits, malpractices and irregularities which made it practically impossible for Rivers People to vote for their candidate of choice.

Thereafter, he contested the process in court and as expected won at the Elections Petitions Tribunal and the Appellate Court but mysteriously lost at the Supreme Court in a Judgement that has remained one of the most controversial Judgements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Presently, Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, is the Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Security Agency, NIMASA, Nigeria's second largest revenue generating Agency. Since becoming the DG of NIMASA,
Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside,    has taken definite and pragmatic measures geared at restructuring the Agency to ensure improved efficiency and enhanced service delivery.
Most importantly, he decentralized power in the Agency, thereby empowering the three zones of the Agency to give them extended operational leverage and room to maximise efficiency. This is quite a departure from the old fashion of administration in the Agency where power was centralised only at the Head Office, thereby limiting the powers of the zones to act. He has also been able to attract the siting of NIMASA Zonal Headquarters in Port Harcourt.

Dr. Peterside has to his credit the appearance and character of a perfect gentleman. In fact, it is often opined in the public domain that a fine gentleman with such piety and elegance as Dr. Peterside should not sully himself with the intrigues and circuitous nature of politics, however,
Dakuku Peterside has evolved into a new political brand that ushers in a novel functional philosophy of politics for politicians. The Simplicity, honesty and integrity he exudes do not only confer certain advantages on him but have also inspired the younger generation to repose total confidence in him, consequently, he commands huge followership and enjoys  widespread acceptance.

Going by his appearance and calm disposition, it is easy to have the impression that Dr. Peterside does not possess the toughness and sturdy demeanour to thrive in the political sphere of Rivers State, but that would be a grave error in thought, in fact I would consider it as one of the most erroneous line of thought I have ever come across in the political circle. Beneath that  soft and good-looking gentleman; beneath his finesse and genteel charisma lies a bold, fearless and Daring Adol Peterside. He possesses the steel  and bravery necessary for politicking anywhere in the world. He is fashioned in the boldness of a lion yet adorns the humility of a lamb,  he is in my opinion, one of the toughest characters and assemblages of spirit soul and body, well endowed with all the requisite qualities needed to thrive in the murky waters of  politics, especially in a terrain  like Rivers State.

Given the wealth of experience and inherent administrative prowess in matters of governance and public concerns, it becomes abundantly clear that Rivers State is yet to fully  tap from or sufficiently usurp the great potentials embedded in Dr. Peterside, one of Rivers State's Finest public figures.

In the future, it is expected that Dr. Peterside may try to land the big job of governing Rivers State. No doubt, Peterside is one of the two, three or maybe four major prospective contenders most favourably disposed towards clinching the gubernatorial tickets of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, come 2019. Am not making any projections, and  certainly not in the mood for any political  forecasts, but often times one is unable to resist the temptations of thinking in the direction that Dr. Peterside remains one of the best for the big job.
Whether this happens or not, it is the prerogative of the leadership of the Party to decide. The supremacy of the party and its leadership is final and hence, infallible.

However, in my waters I am most certain that the state has a lot to benefit from the wealth of experience and administrative skills of this great fine gentleman.
With his person, personality, content and character, Rivers State can become great again and take her prideful place in Nigeria.

Mr Priestly Nna