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Reflections: G. U Ake'S Removal

April 15, 2013 was a sad day for all true followers of Amaechi who keenly followed the political patterns in  Rivers State and understood  the underhanded moves against him by some political gladiators at the Villa.
On that day, a Federal High Court seated in Abuja ordered the removal of the G. U Ake led excos of the Rivers State PDP and replaced them with a new set of excos led by Bro. Felix Obuah.
The ousting of Ake and others was one upturn of political events in Rivers State that indicated the battle line had been drawn.

Chief Ake was elected Chairman of the Rivers State PDP on March 7, 2012 and had since his election performed his duties in that capacity without any challenge to his victory in or outside the law courts. However, out of the blue, Mr. Felix Obuah, believed to be sponsored by President Jonathan through Wike, sprang up to challenge the victory of Ake in court. Felix Obuah claimed to have won the election which brought Chief Ake and his excos to power and prayed the court to recognise him and his team as the authentic state excos of the Party.

This was so even when there were strong reports indicating that Obuah did not directly purchase or pay for the nomination  form into any account authorised by the party, rather, he claimed giving money for the form to the Party Secretary  who issued him a form accordingly with a promise to provide the receipt later. He was also said to have returned the same form to the Chairman and Secretary of the electoral committee in direct contrast to the guidelines of the party which mandated all persons vying for any position to pay the required fee for nomination  form into an authorised account and return same form to the Party Secretariate after having filled it.

Surprisingly, in a judgment  delivered by Justice  Ishaq Bello, Obuah was declared the rightful winner of the elections even when he could not advance any evidence of his participation in the elections other than a sworn affidavit by Mr. Dan Orbih, the INEC Returning Officer for the election.
It was a clear case of broad daylight robbery as Chief Ake presented before the court video evidences of the conduct of the election showing the said Mr. Dan Orbih conducting the elections and a result sheet duly signed by the same Dan Orbih declaring him winner. How he now turned around to swear an affidavit that Obuah won the elections was a mystery and a clear indication of a grand plot to topple Amaechi's influence in the party as Felix Obuah was loyal to President Jonathan and Wike who were opposed to Amaechi.

Several political pundits expressed shock and dismay that a competent court of law could grant judgement over such a serious matter chiefly on the strength of a highly questionable affidavit, it reflected a foul play and serious interference on the Judicial process by some political hucksters.
It was opined that the judgement was influenced as a closer analysis of the enter scenario revealed a cleverly fabricated master plan designed to completely relieve Amaechi of  the State Party Structure and leadership. It was also suggested that the move was made to clear every possible obstacle that may stand in the way of President Jonathan ahead of the 2015 general elections as they believed Amaechi might pose a threat going by the dwindling political connect between Amaechi, Jonathan and Wike.

To regain command, Amaechi had to begin at the beginning as we shall soon find out in the subsequent chapters how Amaechi was shut out from the party system by the deliberate and systematic use of two instruments: Money and Power.

~ Priestley Nna.


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