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Wike's Allegations Against Amaechi; A Figment Of His Imagination : INCRA

Wike's Allegations Against Amaechi; A Figment Of His Imagination : INCRA

- A grand farce.

A notable Pan-Rivers group in Rivers State, INCRA, describes Governor Nyesom Wike's claims that Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the Honourable Minister of Transportation and immediate past Governor of Rivers State inaugurated a cult group last Sunday at the Woji area of GRA in Port Harcourt, as spurious, ungrounded and mendacious.

Governor Wike's banal antics of prematurely rushing to the media to spew falsehood aimed at twisting and subverting  the truth in a bid to influence public opinion is now commonplace, plebeian and sufficiently lacking in the ability to sway any discerning and unbiased individual, thereby, throwing the exalted office he occupies  into opprobrium and  derision.

A couple of weeks ago, the same Wike hurriedly took to the media to make false and misguided statements about the Ikoyi Osborne Towers $43 Million uncovered by men of the EFCC in Lagos State. Without substantial evidence, Wike publicly alleged that the money belonged to the Rivers State government and that the Osborne towers belonged to Amaechi. Yet, he was unable to appear before  a Federal High Court in Lagos to provide  necessary proofs and claim the money.
Rather, in his usual style, he chickened out and was not courteous enough to apologise to Rivers People about such height of irresponsibility. Now, Governor Wike has  exhibited another of his prestidigitation by wrongfully accusing Amaechi of inaugurating a cult group. Why should any reasonable member of the public take him seriously again?

The people of Rivers State are yet again reminded of the odious bloodshed and avoidable loss of human lives that characterised Wike's emergence as Governor. Wike relied considerably on political thugs and heavily armed cultists to shoot himself to power, this same machinery under whose aegis he became Governor  has now become the upspring of criminality, insecurity and heightened cultism in Rivers State.

The fact that Amaechi fought insecurity and cultism in Rivers State to a standstill during his tenure as Governor is unchallengeable and remains evergreen in the minds of Rivers people. He did not only proscribe cultism and wipe out insecurity, he also established a reliable and sustainable security framework that ensured the State was continually safe.

On the contrary, Wike has tacitly and explicitly endorsed and encouraged cultism as well as political thuggery in the State. A case in point is his addiction towards empowering and appointing notorious cultists into positions of political authority. Wike has continued  to use cultists as LGA Caretaker Committtee Chairmen as a quid pro quo for their services during his election and beyond.

Another glaring example  of Governor Wike's predilection towards cultists and cultism is the composition of the 8th Rivers State House of Assembly. It is common knowledge that most House members are known cultists outlawed during the Amaechi led administration. Maybe Wike should also be reminded that his own Chief Security Officer, CSO, High Chief Ateke Tom, is the Supremo of the dreaded Iceland cult group.

It is impossible to forget the make believe amnesty  program of Governor Wike's  administration where they claimed to have retrieved and mopped up arms from militants operating in the State, whereas the reverse is the case, as these militants enjoy full protection and patronage from the State Government. Wike's Government continues to fund these militants and acquire arms for them through syndicates. Some of these militants are presently taking refuge in the Rivers State Government House.

Whats more? Just about a fortnight ago, Governor Wike under the guise of celebrating the Rivers at 50 Golden Jubilee, granted Executive pardon to over 90 cultists in the State Prison.

It is indeed a grand farce and the height of pretense that Governor Wike who has done everything intra vires to promote, patronise and protect cultists and cultism in the State could now turn around to point accusing fingers at Amaechi.
The general public is advised to unheed Wike's outbursts as they are rooted in falsity and deceit.

Governor Wike is further advised to look for creative and feasible means of  combating cultism and insecurity in Rivers State and stop throwing muds at his predecessor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is currently doing very well as a Federal Cabinet Minister. Amaechi successfully governed the State and has left behind indelible and enduring legacies. Wike should focus on how best to surpass the mountainous task of outperforming Amaechi or at least consolidate on the gains of Amaechi's administration.

Governor Wike should resign immediately or bring the incessant killings and decapitation on Rivers citizens and residents on daily basis under his nose to an end.
This is his constitutional obligation and responsibility to Rivers people not throwing diatribes at Amaechi every now and then.

A New Dawn For Rivers State.

May 23, 2017.