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Incra Uncovers Reason Behind Sack Of Works Commissioner

Incra Uncovers Reason Behind Sack Of Works Commissioner

The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA, has unmasked a possible  reason behind Governor Wike's  sack of the Rivers State Commissioner for Works, Hon. Bathuel Iheanyichukwu Harrison.

Verifiable findings made available to INCRA, reveals that the sack of the Works Commissioner is linked to a shady deal by the Governor which the Commissioner was unable to thoroughly cover up.

Our source gathered that trouble started when the   Engineers from the Ministry of Works supervising the Nihi-Afara-Ulakwo road in Etche constructed by Lubrik Construction Company, LCC, discovered  that an excess of N400Million was criminally inserted into the original cost of construction for the road. The said road was originally  awarded at the cost of One Billion, Six Hundred Million Naira (N1,600,000,000.00) only, whereas the sum of Two Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000. 00) only, was fraudulently declared as the official amount paid for the construction of the road.

Irked by the development and spurred by the resolve to redeem their battered image as corrupt officials labelled them by the Governor hitherto, they raised alarm over the fraudulent deal. The Commissioner of Works, who caught wind of the development, moved to prevail on the supervising Engineers not to go public with their findings. In the process, the Commissioner revealed to the angry Engineers that the excess amount of Four Hundred Million Naira (N400,000,000.00) inserted into the original amount for the construction of the road was at the behest of the Governor.

Upon further enquiry by the Engineers, the Works Commissioner further divulged that the N400,000,000 excess amount was to be used to settle certain persons whom the Governor had directed him to pay the money to. This revelation filtered to the Governor who was infuriated by the Commissioner's inability to conceal the deal. Consequently, the Governor relieved the Commissioner of his job as a punitive measure.

Additional information made available to INCRA, reveals that a prominent Director (names withheld)  in the Ministry of Works,  was also part of the deal but was spared by the Governor because the leak did not come from him, even though he had been accused of embezzling a N20 Million fund earmarked for compensation on the same road.

The general public is reminded that Mr. Bathuel Harrisson is the second Commissioner of Works to be sacked by the Governor in a spate of two years. Also, we recall very vividly, the scandal between the Governor  and his Commissioner for Finance, Hon. Fred Kpakol, just after a couple of weeks in office.

Mr. Fred Kpakol, shortly after he was fired by the Governor for undisclosed reasons, threatened to uncan ten cans of worms if the Governor failed to recall him within 48 hours.  Surprisingly, in the full glare of the public, the Governor made a spectacle of himself by recalling Mr. Fred Kpakol before the expiration of his 48 hours ultimatum.

Obviously, the Governor is neck deep into several louche and fishy deals which he has cautiously kept from public knowledge and would do anything including firing, hiring and re-hiring of his appointees to ensure his secrets are safe. This confirms several claims by well and highly placed Rivers Sons that the present State government is firmly rooted in wanton corruption and allied practices.
We therefore, question the moral ground and premise on which the Governor accuses his former Boss and Predecessor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, of corruption and corrupt practices, when he, the Governor, is tacitly and directly endorsing corruption and graft.

INCRA warns the Governor  to stop abusing the immunity clause constitutionally attached to his office and desist from appropriating public funds to serve his personal interests or those of his friends and cabal at the expense of Rivers people.

More details will be made available in due cause.

Ubima, Rivers State.

June 23, 2017.